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Hip Holiday Fundraising

The supporters and donors of your nonprofit make the work of your important cause possible. And during the holiday season they go to extra lengths to fundraise and have lots of fun doing it for your shared beliefs and cause. Holiday fundraising gives everyone a chance to be extra giving and creative. Dusting off some classic themes and recipes and throwing in some new ones lend to a successful season of holiday giving.

Holiday Fundraising

  1. Focus on serving your community as a holiday fundraising theme with a serve-a=thon in having your crowdfunding event participants offer time to nursing homes, private homes of elderly folks or homeless shelters. Crowdfunding events for this purpose in particular at Thanksgiving or Christmas takes care of those in need, and brings the much needed funds to your nonprofit. Bring in the new year with funds that benefit your cause while making a group of somewhat forgotten citizens feel warm and happy.
  2. A holiday concert is a classic venue for fundraising and may be dusted off to become a hip event worth remembering. An outdoor concert with several bands throughout the day and night is a way to make this relic of an event a real show. Bands and artists from your town may be added to a list of groups from across the US and Canada. Musical artists enjoy a chance to fundraise for a cause and everyone enjoys attending. Food vendors will want to sponsor your event and will pay to be a part of it at the sponsor levels you create.
  3. Holding your holiday fundraising event on Christmas Eve opens the door to an additional opportunity. Opening your after party to feed your community members in need would be to join in the true spirit of giving. Have each community member donate food, and contact local grocers and restaurants to do the same. Perhaps a local food vendor will organize a service smorgasbord. The extra reward of such a rich and giving after party following a 5k race or a fun run during the holidays will remain in the hearts of your donors.
  4. A holiday quilt show may be just the ticket for your community, drawing quilters from bordering towns and states. Quilt shows, contests and quilting are serious business and popular, well organized national competitions.peace-quiltThis artful event could take on many aspects; a quilting contest with prizes, sales of quilts for charity, and an auction are options. While quilts and their art form would be the main draw, other Christmas crafts could be sold to create a dazzling array of items for sale with a portion of the proceeds going to your nonprofit fundraising campaign.
  5. A Christmas baking contest could get rather competitive and would certainly be a delicious tasting party. Some of the old Christmas standards may win the popular vote; peanut butter kisses and fudge may tend to sway voters due to the nostalgic taste buds of many, yet creative reinventions and secrets are in the recipe card box of all good bakers. Each family tends to have their baking traditions, especially when you consider their varied backgrounds – have you ever had divinity candy with walnuts?
  6. A most creative holiday fundraising event to celebrate the magic of the season while supporting your cause is a gingerbread house contest. A fresh spin on this holiday classic is to ask sculptors and noted artists to enter the contest. Each top artist creates their elaborately creative gingerbread house and the voting is on. Follow the event by a delicious holiday brunch or luncheon and sell tickets for the gourmet meal at varying donor levels. Add an art show with a sculpture garden and a silent auction to benefit your charity. Grandma’s ginger snap cookies on hand are truly a must.
  7. Having the reward of hot chocolate at the end of a fun run is a popular holiday fundraising theme, and motivates its participants to finish the 5K race. Featuring a local chocolate company or one who gives to charity with a portion of their sales to a charity is yet another layer in fundraising. Adding an element of the greater good to your holiday fundraising campaign spreads holiday cheer globally and teaches the young members of your community deeper levels of responsibility. Donors are welcome to show up just for a steaming cup of the best hot chocolate in town and a chance to network with other community members about further fundraising.
  8. A turkey trot may become a great holiday fundraising tradition for your church, school or nonprofit with great memories drawing your community back each year. Trot along the campaign trail and involve local restaurants, coffee shops and anyone you can think of in your crowdfunding event at Thanksgiving time for a fun jog, walk or trot to benefit your cause. There is an additional opportunity to throw in a turkey costume contest. And don’t forget to include the tofurky trotters in your fun run.
  9. Join forces with another nonprofit organization holding a widely publicized event or Christmas parade by adding your signage. Add your booth to an already popular event and offer to help in making the event stronger. Having your own social media pages and fundraising website are still as important as if you were on your own – you want to bring as many donors to the table as possible in making your holiday fundraising campaign a success.
  10. A traditional Christmas gala or dinner may include the added element of a known inspirational speaker, or a popular band. This is not to say that a fabulous meal by a noted chef or restaurant is not draw enough for holiday fundraising and the desire for giving. Don’t be shy in asking top names to come your event and speak or play – Christmas and Thanksgiving tap our hearts and create the season of giving.

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