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15 Social Media Fundraising Tips

Non-profit Organizations can engage in a day to day communication with a global audience, by utilizing simple Social Media Fundraising Tips. Social Media allows you to be an inspiration and use your posts as a way to connect more intimately with your audience. Draw people to your non-profit website and donation button by sharing the personality of your organization in more depth than your website does.

Choosing a Social Media Platform

To get started, many organizations ask ‘What platform or platforms should we use?’ Social media fundraising it not really about the platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram. These channels are simply vehicles for you to communicate with your supporters, donors and volunteers. How can you do that, if your users aren’t on the platform you use? To establish relationships with them, they need to see you post regularly. So make it easy on yourself and select the platforms where your users already are. You don’t need to use all of the available platforms out there. Start with one or two and add them when you have the time and momentum to do it well.

Social media sites set the stage for you to share your work and build a global network of supporters. Let´s discuss 15 ways to help you in doing so.

Social Media Fundraising Tips

15 Social Media Fundraising Tips

Always Use Great Photos & Videos

We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. This certainly holds true on social media. You only have a few seconds to catch a reader’s attention – after that, they scroll down the page. Social media posts with thoughtful photos and videos are much more likely to be read and shared. So be sure to utilize great images and videos to engage users:

  1. Add a new photo on Instagram every day, as part of a story you wish to tell about your non-profit. It may be of an individual your organization has helped, or several. Or it may be sharing pictures of a project such as the stages of designing a new school library or embarking upon a school fundraising campaign. Add a few sentences or a caption to each photo and keep your audience captivated with something new every day in building upon the story.
  2. Use Video  – Link to a video which leads back to your website or YouTube channel and add expanded content around the video. Drive Instagram users back to longer content version on your YouTube channel by asking them to click the link in the description of your Instagram page.
  3. Upload YouTube videos of your activities or fundraising events – show the funny costumes of your themed walk-a-thon or fun run. Create short videos of the families and individuals in the crowd asking them why they contribute and participate in your crowdfunding event. Any fundraising campaign type is a playground for such social media videos; dinners, luncheons, wine tastings and charity golf tournaments are all opportunities to capture the candid words of donors as to why they are giving to your non-profit.
  4. Video fundraising appeals are perfect for Youtube, yet there´s a lot of day to day work to publicize as well. Short videos of the projects you are starting will teach your social media audience about your work, and motivate you to take creative steps each day on projects. Such a process shares your voice and face, tells donors what you do, and helps you to shape and define your projects.
  5. Advertise all of your blog articles and new website pages on social media. Include a short snippet and image linking back to your website or blog. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are image centric, and this method allows to you to gain exposure through the power of such social media networks.

Work with your Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising events offer a great opportunity to find and engage supporters via Social Media. Here are a couple of ideas:

  1. Post the results of your non-profit’s fundraising events on social media pages. This offers donors a chance to celebrate the success that they are a part of. It gives potential donors a concrete example of your successful fundraising. Post on Facebook (and more) not only the money you have raised through an event, but how much fun everyone had and how much networking occurred.
  2. Utilize Crowdfunding for Non-profits – Crowdfunding events are a grand opportunity to encourage participants to re-post and share event information that you have shared as well as link to their personal fundraising website. In turn, re-posting their photos, videos, event information and each success along the way is an easy way for you to promote your non-profit by sharing personalized information about your effort

Motivate your Supporters – Carefully

Social media is not just about you posting and others reading. It’s about engagement and motivating supporters, right? Ask supporters and volunteers to be part of your communication team, but be sure to give them a little guidance on this. You don’t want them posting inappropriately, using offensive language or spamming. It’s best to have a social media policy and plan in place, and point supporters there before they begin posting.

  1. Ask your volunteers to tell everyone why they give of their time to your non-profit through impromptu videos at the office. 20 volunteers make for 20 video posts on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. This strategy shares the very core of your work by those who do it out of sheer commitment to your cause.
  2. Twitter empowers you to send a link across the web with tremendous speed. Ask your followers to join you on Twitter and ask them to retweet your posts. This gets your message out quickly regarding an event or a fundraising campaign roll out, and allows your organization to control the message.
  3. Thank your top donors and sponsors on all social media platforms. Tell a short story them or add brief points about their bio and let your followers know who is contributing to your organization. When people see on Facebook which donors are passionate about a cause, they may want to join a great team in a concerted effort to make an impact. The same is true about thanking your volunteers individually, giving them recognition for their gift of time and brilliance – tell their story too!

Don’t Forget your Reputation is on the Line

Don’t forget that you are making a lasting impression with your social media posts. It’s important that social media posts are in keeping with the image and branding of your organisation and don’t damage your reputation.

  1. Brand your non-profit with the photos and graphics you choose to post on social media pages. What will reach your audience and speak to your image and charity work? Customizing your social pages with the same images across channels is a way to brand your organization.
  2. Linking your other social media channels to each of your posts encourages your donors to click and find out what you´re saying on Instagram and Twitter. This method may be used to save time in a pinch if you only post on one channel during a hectic week.
  3. LinkedIn is the most business oriented social media network and is often overlooked by non-profits. Add a LinkedIn Company Page and upload the most current information about your non-profit. Your LinkedIn non-profit page should share your mission, current news and stories of success. Make it informational and add heart rendering photos.
  4. Utilize Hashtags – Hashtags allow you to get more views, as people search and follow certain hashtags. Just be sure that your hashtags are appropriate to what you are trying to convey – for example #Fundraising is relevant here.
  5. Create a Google+ page for your fundraiser to raise awareness. Google+ pages work similarly to Facebook and allow you to communicate with people who are interested in your cause, share updates, photos and videos to attract donors. If you ask, what can Google+ do that Facebook cannot, the answer is that the more social media exposure you have the more people you´ll reach. And Google likes that you use its platform – it’s always good to boost your non-profit’s SEO by keeping Google happy.

We hope you use these Social Media Fundraising Tips to help your organization raise more money.

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