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Selecting the Best Fundraising Software

With so many software options in the world of fundraising, how do you know which is the best fundraising software for your organization? We’ve created a listing of the ten factors – features, tools and expectations – to keep in mind when selecting the best Fundraising Software for your charitable cause.

10 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Fundraising Software

Selecting the Best Fundraising Software

An All-In-One Swiss Army Knife Fundraising Tool

We know the headache that comes with managing all of the different aspects of fundraising. This may involve donor engagement, special event planning, fundraising campaign management, crowdfunding, social media promotion, volunteer management, and more. One of the key things in choosing the best fundraising software is to make sure that it meets all of your nonprofit fundraising needs or has the ability to work with other software to make it all happen. Outline the different things that you require in your fundraising goals for your organization and see if the software you’re considering can make it happen.

Beautiful, Mobile-Responsive Design

Make no mistake, beautiful design is important. In addition to a clean desktop look, is the fundraising platform you’re considering also mobile-responsive? About half of all your supporters are likely on mobile devices, so don’t even consider using a system that hasn’t updated to a new mobile format.

Ability to Easily Spread the Word on Social Media

While having a strong social media coordinator or team is a pivotal piece to communicating your special event fundraiser or donations website to your followers, with the growing number of social media channels, this job can become overwhelming. Check to see if your event management software is in the loop to make it as easy as type and click to share throughout the most popular social media feeds without complication. Other helpful tools when searching for the best fundraising software would be easy plugins or tools that can streamline your communication and updates during a campaign, such as newsletters, thank you emails, and event invitations.

Show Me the Money!

Reports and statistics may sound boring, but numbers tell the fundraising story. Learn more about the reporting tools available within the event management software you’re considering, which can include progress reports of your campaigns, donor information, and sales reporting for events. Also, keep an eye out for whether the tool is easy to navigate and understand. The best fundraising software offers ample amounts of reporting features that can tell you the whole story. With these helpful reports available at your beck and call, you can ramp up additional efforts to finish your fundraising goal on time or determine what efforts were effective for future campaigns.

Event Website Features

Each event comes with its own nuances, whether it’s a formal gala dinner, a charity golf tournament, or a walkathon fundraiser. Can your tool do it all? Does it offer unique features that specialize in your event? If your event website isn’t versatile enough or doesn’t offer the right support for your needs, like incorporating team members or table assignments you’ll be frustrated. See how other clients have used the tool to determine if it’s the right fit for your event-specific needs during your hunt for the best fundraising software.

Latest & Greatest Payment Processors

Fundraising can’t be successful if your organization doesn’t have the tools to process donations securely online. With donations comes sensitive personal information, especially when donations are made online. When searching for the best fundraising software, be keen to see if the merchant processor follows strict PCI and industry standard security practices. Make sure your donors don’t regret supporting your cause because of fraudulent activity. Also, take note of what type of payments are acceptable, which includes credit card and ACH payment types, and whether international payments can be received, if this is important to your organization. Finally, what are you paying for payment processing?

And as always, look for an easy, integrated payment option that won’t require faxing all kinds of forms and applications. DoJiggy proudly partners with WePay and Stripe to provide secure, integrated credit card payments that can be set up in minutes.

Tip-Top Volunteer Management

Events can involve so many different aspects to make it successful, and one of them is being highly organized at managing and recruiting a solid team of volunteers. Some helpful features for making sure your team comes through for all your needs at the event involve the ability to ask volunteers questions upon registration, manage tasks, volunteer schedule, and contact information.

Support When Things Go Wrong

Things can go wrong, but choosing great fundraising software should mean that you’ll never have to worry when they arise. Is the fundraising company you are considering easily accessible via email, chat, phone, or pigeon-carrier? Find out whether you receive support when you purchase your software and how quickly they are able to assist you with issues that come up. Try out the fundraising software subscription for free if you can before purchasing it, and make sure you’ll get the help you need.

DoJiggy offers unlimited online support and free trials on all of our software services.

Optimal and Minimal Costs for Your Fundraiser

For nonprofit and school fundraisers, the software cost is always an important factor to consider. Especially when you’ve done the fundraiser or event before, doing a little math with your past numbers to see if the cost structure works for you can save your organization hundreds of dollars. Be sure to implement an event fundraising budget and track all expenses. Review software rates and compare if they’re taking a steep transaction fee or if they have a cost for each registrant to see which software packages are best for your needs.

DoJiggy offers fair pricing and we offer most services for free with optional tips from your supporters.

Customization Features to Make It Yours

In addition to having an interface that is easy to use and visually appealing, another key feature to look for is customization. Does the page look like it’s an extension of your nonprofit organization’s brand? Can you make it yours so that your supporters recognize it? A fundraising page that looks like it belongs to your organization adds an extra touch of professionalism, especially when all your donors see is a digital page when fundraising online. Donors are more likely to contribute to personalized pages that match your brand.

The ability to customize fundraising software varies greatly. Many companies only stick to a strict template design, but not DoJiggy who offers strong customization and branding functionality.

Try DoJiggy’s Donor-Friendly Fundraising Software

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Our software offers extensive customization capabilities that can easily make your nonprofit fundraising efforts fit your needs. Powerful data and reporting features are also at your fingertips, where you can see in-depth donor, campaign and marketing details to know every necessary detail to make your campaign a success. A supportive team is also available to help you create an interface specific to your organization, as well as offer help throughout your fundraising efforts.

Consider DoJiggy fundraising software features and tools for one of the best fundraising software platforms available. (Don’t just take our word for it, read what others are saying.) DoJiggy offers fundraising software packages for:

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