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Case Studies in Crowdfunding for Schools

Your school is in need. You have something that you need to raise funds for but your volunteers and parent community are burned out on the same events through the years. Maybe it’s time to give crowdfunding for schools a chance.

Crowdfunding has become a top fundraising strategy for projects and programs in many school districts and PTO fundraising campaigns. Perhaps it is because students, PTA members, teachers, parents, the community and local businesses all join together that make these fundraisers for schools such a success. Many dynamic ingredients meld together, and crowdfunding for schools is working.

With great organization and a little direction specific to crowdfunding, your school can join in the success of others.

Crowdfunding for Schools

2 Crowdfunding for Schools Case Studies

One important reason for the success of crowdfunding fundraisers for schools is the focus on specific school projects to share with donors and participants exactly how the money will be of benefit. Donors feel a greater sense of involvement and motivation when they contribute to a project that is actual, rather than just donating to support the school with no clear objectives.

Crowdfunding with Basketball

March Mania at the Mill is a basketball-themed school fundraising event on February 29, 2017, and culminates with a teacher free-throw shooting contest on March 31st at the school. Last year this crowdfunding fundraiser for schools event was able to raise over $61,000 which helped them provide Lego enrichment, grade level field trips, professional development and build upon their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program. This year March Mania will focus on helping students prepare for their futures with a specific goal of raising $50,000 to support STEM initiatives.

The competitive sports aspect of this crowdfunding event lies only with the teachers on March 31 during their free throw contest. The unique fundraising idea of a basketball-themed crowdfunding event draws in donors because it is fun and out of the ordinary. The students will have a relaxed, fun time while they watch their teachers compete. This elementary school fundraising event is a chance for the entire community to celebrate and and raise funds for Henderson Elementary.  And of course, the best fundraisers for schools are designed for fun first and fundraising second.

School Walk-a-thons and Fun Runs

Crowdfunding and walk-a-thons are almost synonymous terms given how popular and successful walk-a-thon fundraisers for schools are. Clever themes (such as Color Run Fundraisers) can make this healthy school fundraising idea even more appealing. The annual Summit for the Planet Walk-a-thon and Earth Day Celebration in April each year has something for all ages. The green celebration features live animals including birds, lizards, and snakes; community networking, green businesses and more. Their theme even involves a wild time with frogs and turtles and the Bay Area Amphibian and Reptile Society. And great fun is featured with solar car races, live music, kids eco-carnival games and organic foods.

Nestled among the redwoods on 355 mountaintop acres, Mount Madonna is a safe and nurturing college-preparatory school that supports students in becoming caring, self-aware and articulate critical thinkers, who are prepared to meet challenges with perseverance, creativity and integrity. Their annual school crowdfunding event enables them to keep their high standards with emphasis on academic excellence, creative self-expression and positive character development.


Utilizing Crowdfunding Software

With platforms like DoJiggy’s Crowdfunding Software, schools are increasingly turning to this engaging method of fundraising. That’s because nothing makes crowdfunding and peer-to-peer events more easy to implement than the right crowdfunding software. Choose the fundraising software solution that manages your school fundraising events seamlessly within a comprehensive website. Your school will have the convenience of adding student registrations, products and sponsor packages with our user-friendly shopping cart. Creating and selling custom products such as fundraising t-shirts, hats, and water bottles are included in your state-of-the-art software.

  • Easy participant registrations with few required fields
  • Personal fundraising pages for each student and classroom, including pictures and videos, a personal mission statement and goal achievement progress
  • Secure pledge (ie per lap or another unit of effort) and donation payments from anywhere
  • Easy Social Media integration, so sharing is a breeze
  • Sponsorship sales & sponsor recognition for local businesses
  • Detailed financial & participant reporting makes event management easy for volunteers
  • Prize management system allows you to reward top fundraisers
  • Online dashboard for students to send emails, update their webpage, manage and track incoming donations
  • Included online technical support for all event administrators

DoJiggy Crowdfunding for schools fundraising websites offer your school a cutting-edge, responsive website for crowdfunding fundraisers for school, such as a walk-a-thon, Fun Run and community service events. Our fundraising websites provide a complete management experience with the ability to customize your website with ease of design for all platforms – desktop, tablets and mobile. Try a free trial for two weeks and experience our customer support and crowdfunding websites before you make a purchase.

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Engaging Students & Parents with Your School Crowdfunding Campaign

Providing students with leadership roles in crowdfunding fundraisers for schools offers a great learning opportunity for them. Many valuable life skills may be taught through hands-on learning regarding marketing, advertising, and finance. Communication and public relations skills are among them, along with problem-solving skills and a chance for students to be creative. Crowdfunding for schools fundraisers are a perfect stage for students to learn about global issues and feel the reward of being a part of the force of change. Teach your students of the importance of joining in the campaign during class time and after school sessions.

Marketing in and of itself is an area of study for students to learn and make contributions in crowdfunding for schools events. Teaching your students how to prepare newsletters, email lists and blogs on your school website may be done in groups with strong leaders while assigning tasks to each member. Social media marketing is second nature to many students, and giving them strategic ideas for a school crowdfunding campaign by getting PTA members involved with students in targeting certain audiences works well. PTA members teaching their insights, igniting the tech-savvy minds of students presents learning on both sides of the table.

When the time comes to recruit participants and volunteers, nothing will be more important than your network and team of PTA members, students, teachers and parents working together. Reach out to folks who are well established in the community who will not only to participate but ask associates, friends and family members to participate as well – encourage this. Find sponsors by reaching out to companies who value opportunities to engage their workforce in community activities. Therefore, it is important to ask companies not only for sponsorship to help offset the event costs but also for their participation. Team registrations offer a fun and easy way for companies to participate in crowdfunding fundraisers for schools.

Now that you’ve seen some examples and benefits of crowdfunding for schools, be sure to read more on How to Implement Crowdfunding for Schools.


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