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40 Great Fundraisers for Schools

Find 40 great fundraisers for schools on our new DoJiggy web page detailing each one. Our Favorites top the list, and next comes High School Fundraising, Middle School Fundraising and Elementary School Fundraising lists. New school fundraising ideas are included so your school or PTO are seen as a leader.

Our Favorite Fundraisers for Schools

This section includes 10 of our favorite fundraisers for schools with a Literary Festival, Color Run fundraiser, Farm to Table Events, Adults Night Only, Yoga Classes and more.

Great Fundraisers for Schools

Literacy Festival

Host a Literary Festival and read aloud short stories, poetry and novels. Enjoy a fun afternoon and raise money to buy new books for school and update the library computers. Begin with a fundraising website which offers a writing competition; one for adults and one for each grade level for the best short stories and poems. Embrace literacy and educate at the event by reading classic literature and poetry above the grade levels of students to stimulate their minds. Award prizes to the writing contest winners.

Elementary School Fundraisers

Our elementary school fundraising category appeals to kids and adults. Find new fundraisers that you may not have heard of. Educating through fundraisers and having fun are great bi-products of raising money for your school.

Zoo Walk

Walk participants and donors enjoy the entire day at the zoo while they learn about your school science projects. Walking around the zoo with family and friends, seeing lions, tigers and bears, oh my! shall be enjoyable for everyone. Take this as an opportunity to talk specifically about why you need to raise money to keep high educational standards projects. Have an information table for science and other subjects outlaying the great work you’re doing in math, English and science. Create a school fundraising peer-to-peer fundraising website with a Zoo theme.

Middle School Fundraisers

Next up are middle school fundraisers for schools that inspire budding teenagers to step into a new phase. The fun and nurturing for students continues for this age group while keeping the focus on attracting donors. Parents, teachers and the PTA are important to middle school fundraisers.

Middle School Fundraisers

Lip Sync Competition

Bring out the stars with a lip sync competition. A fabulous voice is not needed, so everyone can compete. A planning committee to help middle school students pick their songs and costumes can be tracked on your fundraising event website. What fun this would be while giving students a chance to build their confidence on stage. Award great prizes for best costume, best female performance and best male performance. Add a few teacher performances to truly entertain the kids. Imagine what a fun after party it would be in costume…let the performances continue.

High School Fundraisers

Unique fundraising ideas for high school abound with a little less restriction in age. The opportunity to teach students about fundraising itself is great. Topics and themes for high school fundraisers for schools take on more complexity.


Green Week

Bring the entire community and those outlying your town for a lecture series on conservation and the environment. Providing students with leadership roles in fundraisers for schools offers a great learning opportunity with many valuable life skills taught through hands-on experience in marketing, advertising, managing a fundraising campaign and a fundraising website. Invite guest speakers and give your students experience in public speaking.

More School Resources

Find many free school fundraising resources and fundraising ideas for all ages.  Advance your school and keep students interested by reaching ahead creatively and staying current in fundraising. DoJiggy is here to be a part of your success with affordable school website software, fundraising websites, unique fundraising ideas, and great customer service.

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