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#GivingTuesday Campaign Strategies

The momentous day that starts the merriment of seasonal giving is just around the corner. On November 28 #GivingTuesday encourages everyone to give to a new charity or one they have been supporting. Year-end giving campaigns often start here.

Nonprofit organizations that launch #GivingTuesday fundraising websites are statistically experiencing an increased donation level and new donors. Social media platforms play a big part in this. We share a few great tips to help with your campaign.


#GivingTuesday Holiday Campaign

Combining your #GivingTuesday fundraising with your year-end fundraising appeal creates an impactful year-end giving campaign. Adding a few events during this campaign and linking all fundraising websites together is a way to add drama and a following. A full schedule of events tends to foster a sense of involvement for donors. Starting with a #GivingTuesday website and adding a holiday fundraiser to your campaign, such as an event that’s all about chocolate is just one of the most popular holiday fundraising ideas.

Social Media Videos

Youtube videos of your donors and crowdfunding participants are a hip idea. Add it to your Youtube channel and all social media platforms. Place your nonprofit website Donate Now button on each video. Search for examples of #GivingTuesday Youtube videos for a place to start and find you’re own style..

#GivingTuesday Youtube videos can take many shapes. A presentation by your president talking about your cause; a staff member presenting letters from those who have benefited from our organization; volunteers talking about the gifts they receive from their involvement; donors talking about their experiences with your campaign.

Storytelling and #GivingTuesday

The Cold Weather Drive fundraiser tells the nonprofit stories of their residents who sleep outside. With temperatures having dropped, sleeping out of doors makes for cold and long nights. Our Community Place is a nonprofit organization holiday fundraising campaign for their community members in need of tents, sleeping bags, thermal underwear and warm socks.

When it comes to nonprofit storytelling and fundraising, talk specifics as to how their funds will be used, and the changes that happened as a result. Share hardships and joy equally, and how you assist others in overcoming obstacles. Tell donors the money you raise through your #GivingTuesday campaign will go towards a new program or new equipment.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram keep a visual feast of intrigue in nonprofit storytelling, as pictures convey the emotions and stories of your work.

#GivingTuesday Matching Gifts

As #GivingTuesday catches on as a global campaign, finding a matching gift donor across the nation is a door open to you. Matching gifts donors commit to matching donations raised via your campaign, up to a certain pre-specified amount. These programs are very successful, as donors feel that their dollar has twice the power when given as part of a matching gifts campaign. Foundations and large businesses that care about your cause make a perfect match.

Local matching donors are found at banks and businesses. Board members and members of your community may take part as matching donors. For example, a crowdfunding event such as a walkathon for #GivingTuesday presents an opportunity for participants to seek matching donations from their employers.

Celebrate New Donors

Since #GivingTuesday brings new and old supporters to your nonprofit fundraising mission, having a special gala to say thanks is important. Consider a charity gala or perhaps host a holiday wine tasting to create further opportunities to get to know your donors. They’ll be happy to pay a registration fee, as they know your overall efforts are about fundraising. Tell them of the impact their donations have on your organization specifically. Honor donors individually for their #GivingTuesday contributions.

#GivingTuesday Crowdfunding Events

Whether it is a small group gathered for a crowdfunding or peer-to-peer campaign or large and well planned, this is a time to take advantage of the season of giving. By involving staff members, volunteers and donors to create fundraising pages specifically for GivingTuesday, you’re well on your way in finding participants and fundraising.

Nonprofit Website and Newsletter

Your organization’s newsletter and nonprofit website play an important role during your #GivingTuesday campaign. Share the personality of your organization and stories of your work. Place your event calendar within your newsletter. Illustrate further the unique elements, innovation and public education of your organization within your newsletter.

  • Include a message from your President or Executive Director
  • Invite volunteer involvement
  • Honor staff achievements and include photos
  • Recognize volunteers
  • Include articles by donors, staff and volunteers
  • Add photos of #GivingTuesday events
  • Include a schedule of year-end giving events
  • Recognize donors and community members
  • Include public education articles and information

#GivingTuesday Donation Page

Test your donation page as to how much of an impression it makes and how well it works. Because #GivingTuesday is such a social media-driven campaign, your online presence – especially your donation page – needs to make a great impression.  If you aren’t there yet, find a donation website that is cost-effective or free. Find easy-to-use templates to help you create a custom donation website that mirrors the branding of your non-profit organization. Your organization can post information about your cause (including photos, videos and a fundraising thermometer to track your progress) on your donation page, which helps garner more donations. Ensure that your supporters can easily make safe and secure online donations with a few simple clicks.

#GivingTuesday Social Media Tips

  • Write descriptions and stories that are interesting and include keywords
  • Link back to your #GivingTuesday website whenever possible
  • Encourage participation from your president, staff, donors and volunteers
  • Share between Social Media accounts
  • Share between your nonprofit website and social media pages
  • Posting less with higher quality will broaden your reach
  • Consider a Facebook page for each of your programs

The supporters and donors of your nonprofit organization make the work of your important cause possible. With your #GivingTuesday campaign, which begins the holiday fundraising season, they’ll go to extra lengths and have lots of fun doing it for your shared beliefs and cause. Holiday fundraising and #GivingTuesday gives everyone a chance to be extra giving and creative. Dust off some classic themes and recipes and throw in some new ones to lend to a successful season of year-end giving.

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