Tips for Nonprofit Video Fundraising

Charity organizations recognize more with each day the fundraising impact inclusion of video has. Creating video is not only much more prevalent, but easier and less expensive at present. Animated nonprofit video creation tools such as 30 Seconds or Facebook Live are trending now.

Best Nonprofit Video Fundraising Strategies

Animated Videos

Video animation takes away the limitations of what real people and real life communications convey. Use of graphics in video with animated characters allow you convey your message quickly and effectively. Sharing charts, graphs and photos in motion are effective in teaching concepts.

Explaining your nonprofit programs details and objectives through animated videos help topics come to life through visualization and voice. You may wish to explain to your donors the specifics regarding operating costs and the support you need. Or you may wish to explain how your website donations page works and go through step by step how to make a donation. Animation is clearer than text and is a more personal touch because it’s visual.

Animated video such as 30Seconds is a popular nonprofit video source because:

  • They offer 2 styles of videos
  • They are super cheap – nonprofits really like this
  • The process is very easy:
  1. pick your style
  2. answer a questionnaire
  3. approve the script


Video Planning

In the past, nonprofit video fundraising was thought to be successful through casting stars, great sound and an expert video producer. Yet new evidence shows these attributes to be far less important in nonprofit fundraising. It is all about understanding who your audience is, how you wish to affect them, and offering a clear call to action. Brief, entertaining video that is low cost is drawing more donors to charity organizations.

Video Writing and Scripting

Your nonprofit video will be as good as the writing and content are. Allow for sufficient time for your nonprofit staff to write and discuss the content. Spend time tossing out ideas, and next agree on the message you wish to convey in your nonprofit video. Come to a consensus on the video content and writing, and realize this is the most important aspect.

Video Creation and Production

Competition for getting your video noticed is very high. Think of the number of videos you watch in a day. Yours must compete. If folks like your video on social medial channels, they are more likely to visit your nonprofit website and donate to your cause.

Entertaining videos that are also informative is a good direction for nonprofit videos. This works especially well for animated videos. Your producer or video production partner such as 30Seconds will guide you in the simple steps of putting it together.

Your video production partner should provide a questionnaire to help your group prioritize ideas. For nonprofits and nonprofit video producers alike, keeping your project on time and on budget is easy when proper time has been put into the initial stages. Animated video templates make the process easy.

Video Clear Call-to-Action

Your goal is to drive traffic to your donate now button and educate people about your cause through your nonprofit video. The end of your video gives a clear call to action with the web link to your donation page. Throughout your video you’ll add web links to your projects and your mission statement. Be bold and tell your viewers what you would like them to do. Suggest a donation amount. Offer the benefits and rewards of becoming a donor.

Your Video on Youtube

A great way to get your video seen is on YouTube. Here are some tips:

  • Add your video to your YouTube page.  Feature your most current video on the front page.
  • Add your own thumbnail. Do a little research on thumbnails by looking at what is available on YouTube. Chose one that is fitting for your nonprofit and draws your audience in particular.
  • Choose a short title. You don’t need a title that holds a description. Choose a brief title that draws your nonprofit audience.
  • Use Youtube keywords. Think broadly as to what your followers may search for – they may not be searching for a video. Apply the same science of SEO when posting Youtube nonprofit videos.
  • Add a video description. Entertaining your audience begins with your nonprofit video description. Your objective is get people to click on the video link.
  • Use Youtube nonprofit annotations. Get a jump on your competition by using annotations specifically for Youtube nonprofit users.
  • Change your video posts. Attract more viewers to your video by changing the title during the first month of posting it. Post it often to social media platforms.

Nonprofit Video and Donor Retention

Make some personal thank-you videos for new donors using your mobile phone. Thank a donor who has helped you reach a goal or has given extra this year. Create a short video to say thanks for the time a specific donor has given your nonprofit.

Thanking your donors through videos shouldn’t be reserved for your year-end giving campaign. Acknowledging their contributions and donations through thank you videos year-round.  A short video of thanks engages donors and thanks them on social media. Potential donors see this and are attracted to your charity organization.

Consider having the thank you come from those who are helped donations. There are many forms of delivery in thanking donors through short nonprofit video. They will enjoy being thanked by program leaders, CEOs, staff they have worked alongside on projects and programs, and direct recipients of their donations.

Video and your nonprofit website

Embedding links to all videos you create are your website is a great draw for donors. Homepages and pages throughout nonprofit websites containing video offer people a fast way to know what you offer and how they can get involved. Team videos during a crowdfunding event present the live excitement of your fundraising events. Volunteers speaking on video of their work and the benefits of volunteering will draw more volunteers and donors.

Choose fundraising websites and nonprofit websites that make it easy to add videos. State-of-the-art platforms present them with precision and clarity and ensure they’ll play well for donors. Test drive nonprofit websites and fundraising websites to make sure your videos will be of the highest standards.

Fundraising Events and Animated Video

Nonprofit crowdfunding events offer ample opportunities to get videos seen and draw donors to your cause. Consider a few different videos during your fundraising campaign. Use an animated video to explain what crowdfunding is and how to donate to your website. Explain where your event is and what your needs are along the lines of volunteer recruitment.  Create animated videos to let potential walkathon participants and donors know what your specific financial needs are for a new library or science lab.

In summary, the current trend is animated video and short videos for nonprofit video fundraising. Longer and more expensive videos are still great. Yet the attention spans of potential donors clicking through websites, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other digital platforms are brief. Statistics are certainly showing the importance of creating nonprofit videos and getting them seen.