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Turn Social Media Followers Into Donors

Turning Social Media followers into donors is an effective social media fundraising strategy that we can all get behind. The key component is making a genuine connection, and stating a clear call to action. Facebook Live allows you to interact with potential donors regularly, at no cost. They’ll see your team on a regular basis and form a relationship with you.

Turn Social Media Followers Into Donors With Facebook Live

Facebook Live videos go straight to the top of your constituents news feeds. Photos, videos and posts do not. It is much easier to build an audience with live streaming. Potential donors are able to share the streaming content while it is live. They’ll have the pleasure of watching the same presentation with their loved ones and colleagues. It is a richer experience than sharing a photo or article. They are more intimate given participants can participate with comments and questions.

Turn Social Media Followers Into Donors With Facebook Live

6 Great Formats To Turn Social Media Followers Into Donors

  • Live streaming presentations provide convenient ways to brief donors on the progress of a specific program. With the actual program staff present, donors will feel their passion. They’ll feel as though they are a part of your work. Share the obstacles and challenges of the program. Ask for feedback. Share the costs involved without asking donors for money. Invite them to visit the project site.
  • Use Facebook Live sessions to unveil a new program. Nonprofit program staff and administrators have an opportunity to fully define their approach. Inspire your donors with the new and innovative aspect of your nonprofit. They’ll hear specifically how their donations will help. Whether it is conservation work or poverty, fundraising is more successful when donors are emotionally connected with your work.
  • Announce an event fundraising campaign with live streaming. Tell donors what your needs to make a crowdfunding event successful. Inform them of how the fundraising income will be used. Tell them a story of the need of a family your nonprofit serves, for example.
  • Hold a live interview with a board member discussing the business side of your nonprofit. Donors want to know how your money is being managed. They want to know you have talented, creative board members helping you invest. They want you to be transparent and accountable with funds.
  • Expert speakers make for engaging Facebook Live sessions. Education, conservation, homelessness, poverty, cancer research – bring inspiring speakers to the forefront who speak to your work. Donors will have a chance to ask questions and make comments. Allow your donors to be thought leaders as you engage them in your work.
  • Hold Facebook Live town hall meetings for donors to voice their opinions and raise questions to your charity organization. They are exposed to other donors and community members and hear their feedback. Ask them how your donation page is working. Find out what’s on the minds of your donors through live streaming interactions.Get the truth as to what donors think. When actually asking them for feedback, and truly standing in their shoes, the usual practices of your nonprofit may take new shape. Following current research is vital. Yet when you open an honest dialogue statistics change with every minute.

10 Tips In Using Facebook Live as a Social Media Fundraising Strategy

  • Facebook Live is free! The only equipment you need is your smart phone or computer. Invest in a tripod and camera for better quality as your nonprofit grows.
  • Live streaming gives your organization an opportunity to become more than a charity. We all like to frequent small stores and restaurants where we become friends of the staff or owners. We feel welcome and look forward to future visits. The same happens for a nonprofit when you are live on a regular basis with donors. It is a way for your donors to get to know you.
  • Post recordings and videos of the sessions on all social media platforms. When the public views recordings of several videos that show your personality as a nonprofit, they’ll start to know you. They’ll hear a call to action through stories. You’ll only need to offer your donation page link at the end.
  • Several live streaming events is a great strategy for building momentum. The first will get the attention of your followers. Successive Facebook Live videos helps you to build an audience on a similar topic. People will be hooked and look forward to the next.
  • Donors like to feel as though they are on the inside of a charity. They’ll feel special by introducing them to program staff working on the front lines. Film your live video from the places your staff work to give donors an inside view.
  • Promote live streaming presentations ahead to turn social media followers into donors. Offer daily updates about your upcoming video. Instead of simple reminders, share a new tidbit about what is to come. Get people interested with real information about the upcoming broadcast.
  • Use email and other social media platforms to promote your upcoming live stream. Your nonprofit newsletter and fundraising website are other great places.
  • Do a test broadcast before your scheduled live broadcast. Test for sound and lighting. See if your technique is working or if your video looks shaky. Enlist in the help of young volunteers through universities and offer them a letter of reference or internship.
  • Respond to the comments that appear live during your presentation. Turn social media followers into donors by giving them a voice. You can get some help in the background from your staff by screening the questions and comments. This helps to stay on schedule. Follow-up with a broadcast of the questions and comments you did have time for!
  • Facebook Live videos are instantly archived after they’re finished. This means you can always call attention back to them if you want to share additional value with your audience. To help boost your viewership among people who didn’t join you for the live show, try sharing a quick post thanking people for watching.

Live streaming engagements are a great social media fundraising strategy. It takes your whole team to keep it interesting for your audience. Both the message and the delivery are essential to turn social media followers into donors. Show your confidence and passion in Facebook Live broadcasts. Use all social media platforms and your nonprofit websites to promote upcoming videos.

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