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Crowdfunding Ideas For Nonprofits

Imagine a crowdfunding campaign that shows your passion through creativity, communication and innovation. Just one successful fundraising event per year, when done right, can make the best crowdfunding ideas for nonprofits realized. Start with contributions from board members and donors. Then show the public something to be excited about as you launch your crowdfunding website. Hold a launch party, have confidence and have fun. And go forward with the best tools and knowledge in your carpet bag.

Crowdfunding Ideas For Nonprofits Using Messenger and Chat

10 Best Event Crowdfunding Ideas for Nonprofits

There are many types of events that work well for nonprofit crowdfunding. Be sure to consider your mission and audience when selecting a crowdfunding idea. Here are our top 10 crowdfunding event ideas:

  1. Crowdfunding under the influence of chocolate is enticing to everyone! Promote a local chocolate company or one that gives to charity with a portion of their sales. Add a marketplace or bake sale at the after party for the chance to take home a chocolate candy bar or treat. Host a walk or a 5K race that’s sweet.
  2. Turn your spin-a-thon into a rave with a spin doctor DJ. Play fun games and hold contests while people spin on stationary bikes to raise money for your cause. Ask your local spinning studio to either donate their studio for some advertisement or pay to rent it for the day. This idea is an easy and low cost fundraiser, yet loaded with energy and potential for high profit.
  3. Walkathons and Fun Runs are always among the top crowdfunding ideas for nonprofits. Communities and local businesses join together to make them fun and extremely lucrative. Don’t forget the prizes and incentives – perhaps a custom t-shirt to get participants walking.
  4. Get on course with a golf crowdfunding event or Golf Marathon. They are competitive and appealing crowdfunding events for golfers. Inspire golfers of corporations to form teams and raise money for your nonprofit.
  5. Color Run fundraisers are hugely popular. Kids and adults alike love them and so do the onlookers. Add an after party and ask local artists to sell their arts and crafts – keep the theme on art.
  6. A readathon fundraiser is a great library or school fundraising event. Students commit to reading as a means of raising money for your school or PTO/PTA. Reading Fundraisers promote literacy and a love of reading for children; they offer an academic challenge or competition which kids enjoy. It’s easy to get everyone excited about a readathon because of its contribution to society.
  7. Canine costumes may be the highlight of a Halloween party held after a Dog-walk walkathon. Award prizes to the top three individual and team fundraisers as well as the top three dog costumes. Who will your dog go to the party as? Hold dog walk-a-thons as crowdfunding events any time of the year.
  8. Bike-a-thons are very popular and successful fundraisers. Not only do bike-a-thons work financially, but a way to bring the community together through long bike rides and training for a great cause.
  9. Hipster crowdfunding ideas definitely include chalk festivals. Advertise fundraising teams who are creating murals in chalk displayed in public places. As community members donate to mural teams they’ll start getting excited about the upcoming chalk festival. Plan several blocks of chalk art and chalk up a whole weekend.
  10. Serve your community while raising money for your favorite cause by participating in a serve-a-thon or community service project. If you are raising money for cancer research, do your service in a nursing home or homeless shelter. It’s all about viewing your community as a whole.

Utilizing Crowdfunding Software for Event Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Campaigns

Crowdfunding campaigns rely on powerful peer-to-peer crowdfunding software tools and social media networks and integrations. Utilizing crowdfunding or peer-to-peer software allows your message to be organically spread by your supporters while your nonprofit or school is able to manage the over-arching fundraising campaign and maintain brand consistency.

Some features and tools of DoJiggy’s crowdfunding software include:

  • Secure participant and team event registrations
  • Provides individual participants and teams with the ability to personalize the fundraising experience via their personal fundraising pages
  • Fundraising pages include images and videos, fundraising thermometers, a personal statement, social media integration links to easily share with friends and family and more
  • Top fundraiser leaderboards and event fundraising thermometers
  • Ability to easily track and distribute prizes and awards with our prize management system

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Crowdfunding Ideas For Nonprofits Using Messenger and Chat

A new trend in crowdfunding is the use of messenger, chat and voice-based apps. Consider how you look for the fastest way to get the information you need from a website. Do you read through the FAQs or look for a way to instant message or chat an organization or business? Large and small nonprofits are using Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. The latest crowdfunding ideas for nonprofits include these powerful platforms.

Charity Crowdfunding Ideas with Facebook Messenger

Instant gratification inspires your supporters to interact with you. Give them quick answers to their questions through Facebook Messenger on your fundraising website homepage. Send them links to your crowdfunding website instantly and programs they inquire about. Answer their inquiries promptly and get them involved in your event.

Once your constituents use Facebook Messenger from your fundraising site, send updates and milestones directly. Save them from having to fill out forms to subscribe to newsletters with news on your event.

Statistically donors respond with donations and read your peer-to-peer fundraising event news at a higher rate with instant messaging. It’s fast and easy, and they often have a credit or debit card attached to such applications.

Crowdfunding Ideas For Nonprofits with Snapchat

Snapchat is a great way to attract young participants and volunteers. Young fundraisers of the same age range tend to share their photos and stories on Snapchat. A chance for them to meet new friends by working together on a crowdfunding event is an incentive to join.

Advertise your event on Snapshot and include incentives to young participants. Offer internships, work experience and letters of reference in your ads. Create Snapchat posts to form crowdfunding teams. Ask for team leaders and offer them leadership roles with the power to make decisions and offer your nonprofit a new voice.

Snapchat Stories is a fantastic feature for crowdfunding participants. Videos are created with a collection of photos or snap shots. A story about why participants are involved in fundraising for your cause is created visually. Snapchat stories inspire donors to give and other volunteers to participate in your event.

Your nonprofit may create Snapchat Stories with photos of your programs. Show snaps of those you have helped in effort to inspire new donors, volunteers and crowdfunding participants. Show how your nonprofit changes lives or the planet. And bring new donors by showing them you use the latest crowdfunding ideas for nonprofits.

7 Incentives and Charity Crowdfunding Ideas

Your nonprofit’s crowdfunding event needs to stand out from the crowd. Here are seven great ideas to get your event noticed:

  • Offer cool apparel well in advance of the event at coffee shops, restaurants and universities. Creating several t-shirt designs is a great idea, all with the same event logo. Create water bottles and cool hoodies. Everyone in town will want one, and so the excitement of the upcoming fundraising event begins.
  • Ask your volunteers to share their experiences with your nonprofit on local radio, TV, newspapers and online forums. Ask them to put in a plug for the event.
  • Get local businesses to form crowdfunding teams, and ask them to design team t-shirts to sell at work and all around town. Their employees will bond and derive benefit from giving.
  • Find young volunteers who are good at graphic design. This will get them psyched about the fundraising event. They’ll invite their friends to form crowdfunding teams. Many high school and university students are masters at graphic design. Nurturing and encouraging them to be a part of your nonprofit as volunteers opens door to a diverse way of thinking.
  • As you launch your crowdfunding website, introduce it with a silent auction or raffle fundraiser only available before registration. Create a buzz by listing the interesting and desirable auction items on event flyers and your homepage. Give recognition to the winning bidders.
  • Introduce the opening of your online registration process by offering prizes for large donations.
  • Recognize donations within your newsletter, social media pages, website and email updates. Feature these donors in short videos with your smart phone, asking them to share why they’re a part of your nonprofit.

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