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School Jog-a-thons: Igniting Teams

School jog-a-thons have internal and external fundraising teams. Igniting your staff and board members first holds the potential to ignite your community. The keys to the ignition of your participants are found in your nonprofit’s exuberance at the initial planning stage. Consider your charity organization an electric car running down the road with upbeat tunes playing. Recharge along the way ‘til you reach the end of your wired jog-a-thon celebration.

School Jog-a-thons Start with 10 Key Steps

Begin crowdfunding school jog-a-thons with a comprehensive plan in writing and present it to your board members. Watch the excitement grow as your nonprofit staff rally together and get your board involved.

School Jog-a-thons Start with 10 Key Steps

  1. Hold a staff meeting first to write a fundraising plan to present to your board members. Assign members of your internal committee to research, write and plan each aspect of the plan. The life you put into this stage is essential for school jog-a-thons. Keep the momentum high with planned meetings over a month. At each meeting, members are expected to produce their assigned tasks. Plan one of the meetings at a laid back facility for half a day – a mini planning retreat that includes lunch. Getting to know each other strengthens your team.
  2. Share your fundraising plan with all board members at a special luncheon or brunch. Ask for their feedback and make revisions. Discuss the aspects of your program that’ll be helped by funds derived from the jog-a-thon. Add the perk of boarding members meeting key staff members and hearing more all about those programs.
  3. Ask a board member to head the jog-a-thon fundraising committee. Ask for one member to step up as the leader of the jog-a-thon fundraising committee. Ask each of your board members to serve as ambassadors for your fundraising event. With one member heading the committee, they’ll help assure smooth communication and follow-through of other board members.
  4. Elicit initial donations from board members. Appeal to their business sense in terms of the importance of initial capital investments. This step gets other board members to follow. It shows all potential donors you have a thriving campaign, attracting them to join.
  5. Create a donation plan with your lead board member for a successful jog-a-thon fundraising campaign. Research the interests of your donors and pair them with board members. Put the plan in writing and present it in draft form to your board. Ask them for feedback and allow for pairing changes.
  6. Circulate the final donation plan by email or at the next board meeting. Each member will have key donors to work with individually.
  7. Hold regular committee meetings and include your lead board member. Fun and lively meetings are important to keep the campaign ignited. Create a list of your jog-a-thon needs.
  8. Hold a committee meeting that you invite your volunteers to. Present your list of needs for the event.  Ask volunteers to take lead roles in moving the jog-a-thon forward. They’ll have ideas. And they’ll know donors to ask for donations.
  9. Create a final jog-a-thon fundraising plan. Incorporate the donation plan. Add in all of the assigned roles for volunteers, staff and board members.
  10. Announce a social gathering for all involved at a fun bar or restaurant. Celebrate your team’s success at this juncture! School jog-a-thons that start with a high level of planning and commitment hold true potential.

School Jog-a-thons Hold Something for Everyone

Hold 1 mile school jog-a-thons for kids age 4 to 13. Each one would segment an age group. An outdoor or indoor track is nice for family members to watch from the bleachers. Some will be cheering from the front row for their little ones. And a smooth track is safe for children. Send several happy winners home with prizes for first, second and third place. Encourage fitness and healthy competition at their level.

If strategically planned school jog-a-thons are held on Saturday and Sunday, 5k races for age 13 and above are added as well. The start and finish at the track is a nice plan, with the crowd waiting to cheer the runners. Keep the excitement strong in one location. Plan various routes and obstacle courses for each 5K.

Multiple races between 10:00 and 3:00 provide something for everyone. Have lots of delicious food and beverage on hand from local vendors. A volunteer with the personality to serve as an MC is a fun idea.

An awards ceremony at the end is a great time to celebrate and award everyone involved. Give medals and prizes to the winners, and gifts to your fundraising team. Bring to an exciting close the efforts and accomplishments of all. Include your staff, board members, volunteers and donors with gifts of thanks. Finding businesses to donate gifts is best done with a great pitch that includes an outlay of your event.

Ignite crowdfunding school jog-a-thon participants and teams by including something for everyone. The seeds you’ll plant for jog-a-thons in years to come are not to be underestimated. Imagine winning a medal for coming in second at a race at age 5. The crowd will share in each victory. Promote health – it’s not all about being in first place. Add a prize for the student who achieved the greatest progress in fitness by training for the jog-a-thon.

Sell Products to Bolster Your Jog-a-thon

Many schools sell t-shirts and other appearal as part of their jog. There are many styles of clothing and accessories for everyone. People will love promoting education as they wear and use each item containing your logo.

Commemorate fun school jog-a-thons with graphics. Create fab apparel that everyone will want. Present them as gifts at final jog-a-thon celebrations to promote them. Sell items on your fundraising website, nonprofit website and at the event.

A great online nonprofit store is the easiest way to sell products. There’s no need to recreate the wheel. Simply use a well-designed online nonprofit store and start selling. Feature a different product everyday on your nonprofit and event website. Advertise them on social media.

Give Your Fundraising Team a Pat on the Back

Hold internal celebrations after school jog-a-thons. You’ve strengthened your fundraising team and stretched them to their limits.Given all the planning and fundraising you do before even launching your jog-a-thon website, take time to thank everyone. Take pride in the fact that perhaps you did a little more groundwork than most. Even celebrate your mistakes, as they fortify your team. Board members, staff and volunteers stepped us as heroes of your event. Thanking them and celebrating their work is essential for continued fundraising success.

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