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Beer Fundraiser Ideas That Work

Is your organization looking for a unique fundraising event to set your group apart? Have you considered beer fundraiser ideas? Since many people like to unwind and enjoy themselves with a glass of beer, why not incorporate beer into your fundraising campaigns.

Beer fundraising for nonprofits often have the biggest bang when partnerships are formed. This can be accomplished by connecting with producers, distributors or a local restaurateur who cares about your cause. Sometimes it’s as simple as their wanting to share their beer with a new audience. Once a partnership is formed, there are many ways beer can be incorporated. Beer fundraising ideas may be on front, center or back stage behind the scene. The lasting value in a good partnership formed is as important as the events themselves.

Beer Fundraiser Ideas in the Fore Stage

Fundraising ideas that bring beer into the fore stage give credit to breweries as sponsors. Beer is a growing and competitive business. Craft beers and more creative takes on traditional beers continue to be popular, and competition between them is increasing. Producers have a desire to brand themselves. Giving the funds needed for a fundraising event that they care about does just that.

Ideas for reaching out to beer producers include:

  • Research large beer producers who have a history of giving to charity is primary. Present them with a well thought corporate sponsor proposal. Who to ask and what you can offer are the main aspects in attracting corporate sponsors. Beer producers know giving reflects well on them. Their customers decide to buy their beer and merchandise based in part on their social responsibility.
  • Invite several local craft beer companies to attend a presentation of your work. By having them attend together you have an opportunity to inspire them to unify for your cause. This creates a little healthy competition. Shine in your presentation and invite key staff members to sell your nonprofit.
  • Since producers sell products to brand themselves, elicit in-kind donations for prizes, party favors and raffles. There is a wide range of merchandise that many sell on their websites and in their breweries. Present them with your event fundraising plan and let them know how you’d use items.

Beer Fundraiser Ideas Front Stage

Fundraising events in which beer is one of the main focal points have become popular with many organizations. They parallel wine tasting events in popularity. Producers and their customers enjoy more variety in their beer options more than ever. Discussions and beer tastings are getting heady.

A beer-tasting fundraiser places importance on building strong relationships with donors. Tasting interesting beers and enjoying appetizers provides a casual atmosphere in which donors can interact with nonprofit staff, volunteers and board members.

A few ideas for a great beer-tasting fundraiser are:

  • Ask brewers of craft beers to sponsor the event as a vendor. Time the fundraiser with a seasonal launch or activity at the brewery.
  • Invite beer experts to inform and impress your guests.
  • Hire a small band or guitarist to play instrumentals – keep the focus on mingling and enjoying the event.
  • Add a silent auction to your event and announce the winners at the end of the event.
  • Serve passed hors d’oeuvres or a buffet to keep folks mingling.
  • Consider a beer tasting held at a local brewery or restaurant, where people can stay afterward and dine.

Beer Fundraiser Ideas Center Stage

Nonprofit crowdfunding events often provide a social scene that is ideal for after-parties. Why not host a 5K or walk-a-thon, followed by a beer tasting party? Or hold a launch party, sponsored by a local brewer, to start the crowdfunding momentum. Start the campaign with contributions from board members and donors. Thus as you launch your crowdfunding website you’ll show potential donors your initial success.

Discover how to keep it fun:

  • Add a barbecue to the party which is a summertime favorite.
  • Sell beer-related products from each craft brewery for extra funds. Their graphics are pretty rad.
  • Invite a crowd rousing band to perform such as country or rock.
  • Encourage crowdfunding participants to plan gatherings before the event such as a back yard barbecue or happy hour.
  • Market your after party as a benefit concert. Crowdfunding participants are known to join events because of their desire to party and see their favorite band. Bring the following of a good band to your event. Sell tickets to the concert everywhere.

Beer Fundraiser Ideas Back Stage

As your partnership grows with beer producers, discover ways to make it long-term. Invite leaders in the industry to join your board for their business, finance and marketing acumen.

Another beer fundraising idea that deepens a long term relationship is a charity beer made specifically for your nonprofit. A percentage of the proceeds go to your charity organization. When customers are deciding which delicious beer to buy, one that gives to a nonprofit has the potential to win.


Nonprofit fundraising strategies include the need to hold fundraising events, and beer fundraising ideas serve to build lasting partnerships to boot. Seek partnerships rather than just asking for money. Educate potential donors and sponsors as to how their donation makes an impact. Inspire beer producers to join you as a partner in accomplishing your shared mission of success.

As with any fundraising initiative, be sure that beer fundraising works with your organization’s mission. Remember that you can discourage your donors and supporters by hosting fundraising events that may seem at odds or in opposition to your cause. You certainly don’t want to do this!



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