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Student Council Fundraising Holds Lessons

Crowdfunding events teach high school and middle school students some incredibly valuable lessons. Thus they are perfect for student council fundraising. Forming project teams on planning, logistics, and fundraising help students learn to work together. They experience bringing the fruits of their team to general meetings and making adjustments to make the crowdfunding event work.

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Planning a crowdfunding event is a project – students learn project management. They’ll learn to find volunteers in their community to help accomplish their goal of a successful event. Working in teams for a fundraiser teaches students that not all of the tasks are theirs. And the many details and roles involved in a fundraising event work in cohesion with proper care.

Student Council Fundraising Project Teams

Every crowdfunding event is unique. One of the biggest lessens in project management and fundraising is that people of different backgrounds work differently. Individual students don’t have the same skill set or way of thinking and approaching tasks. Student council fundraising teams each need a leader to allow for differences. Team leaders are coaches who help with obstacles towards obtaining results and meeting goals.

Planning a crowdfunding event may begin as much as a year ahead of the event. Start by forming an executive team of school fundraising donors, teachers and PTA members. Posting job openings for team leaders follows. The executive team holds interviews next. Forming teams is a big job and takes planning, time and strategic thinking. Eager applicants not chosen for team lead positions may be assigned to specific teams that match their skill set.

Specific tasks may be scheduled after forming project teams. Create a common place for lists, documents, minutes and fundraising ideas and team leaders on a shared drive or cloud. Crowdfunding software for schools that is cloud based works well for student council fundraising.

Student Council Fundraising Logistics

A team to manage logistics is responsible for finding solutions to handle traffic during the crowdfunding event. They plan water stations for 5-K races, walkathons and fun runs. They procure t-shirts for student council staff so everyone can identify them. They focus on keeping the day safe. With guidance they’ll learn to consult with local authorities, procure permits and insurance. They are the mighty set-up people

Sponsor and Donation Team

Students who are on sponsor and donation teams have an opportunity for mentoring from school board members. The great tool of Facebook Live steps in to help students observe and assist board members work with donors during live streaming broadcasts. Learning how to approach donors in fundraising is a vital skill as they move towards college, professions and philanthropic endeavors.

Sponsor and Donation Team

They’ll create a packet of information for donors and sponsors and learn how this is related to marketing and public relations. They’ll assist in seeking sponsors. Their aspect of the crowdfunding website involves making sure tax deductible receipts are included and thank you notes are sent.

Student council fundraising sponsors and donations teams seek in-kind donations from sponsors for the food aspect of the event. Funds to create crowdfunding t-shirts for participants may be donated if this team is on the job.

Marketing and PR Team

The marketing and pr student council fundraising team will be very busy with the following essential tasks:

  • Create signs, flyers and newsletters
  • Assist in getting the word out – local newspaper/tv/radio
  • Find a talented volunteer photographer
  • Help with digital marketing on social media
  • Manage email campaigns to donors and crowdfunding participants

Student Council Fundraising Hospitality Team

This fun loving team does the heavy lifting in all matters pertaining to fun:

  • Music – band, DJ
  • Activities – haunted house, dating game or raffle
  • Launch parties and after parties
  • Making sure the party goes on should it rain
  • Registration and check-in tables
  • Recruiting crowdfunding participants – café meet cutes or planned recruitment ice cream socials

Haunted houses are scary places everyone enjoys at Halloween. The team will have to start early to put one together because they take plenty of planning.

Dating Games are a fun student council fundraising activity because it adds definite humor! The bachelorettes and bachelors ask their questions and the audience votes yes on 6 couples. Next voting begins for best couple, most likely to break up and most likely to stay together. Consider holding it during the week of your crowdfunding event or add to your launch party. High school students will be great entertainment for this show.

Raffles are a great option for student council fundraising because parents are eager to donate skills or material items as prizes. By taking advantage of the community you have available, a school raffle is a great activity.

Each student council fundraising team works together to find volunteers to help in serving and supporting their participants and guests. They also recruit participants and send notes of encouragement with tips to help them find donors.

Color run fundraisers and  Serve-a-thons for student council fundraising teach students about community engagement. And Crowdfunding (or peer-to-peer fundraising) for schools works for all age groups from kindergarten and elementary schools (with parental assistance, of course) to high school fundraising campaigns.

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