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Tis the Season: Nonprofits and Holiday Giving

Happy #GivingTuesday! The holiday season is the season of giving and receiving. People are most likely to give to their favorite charity during the holidays. Many will also give to a charity on behalf of a loved one or relative as a holiday gift. In fact…30% Of Annual Giving Happens in December. Because of this, it’s little wonder that charities in all sectors usually see the bulk of their donations during the month of December.

Nonprofits and Holiday Giving

Year-End Fundraising Campaigns for Nonprofits

The holiday season presents a fantastic opportunity to kick off campaigns for your charity or non-profit organization. Since people are already in the mindset to give, they are more likely to give to your cause during the month of December. And, as statistics show…December is the most popular month for people to give. So why not take advantage of the opportunity?

Here we share a few fundraising ideas for the holiday season:

  • DoJiggy Holiday fundraisingHost a Year-End Giving Campaign: Tying in various holidays can be a fun way to get your local community and your current donor base involved. Sponsoring a food drive, having a holiday dinner party, or even bake sales can present lots of opportunities for giving to your cause. Perhaps hosting a holiday shopping party where a percentage of all proceeds goes back towards your charity, or capitalize on the New Years Holiday and host a End of Year Giving Campaign. Of the 30% of donations that come in during December, 10% of annual giving occurs on the last 3 days of the year – so don’t give up early.
  • Holiday Inspired Special Events: Many organizations host galas and performances, themed walks and even polar plunges during the holiday season. This year, make your event a virtual gala.
  • Corporate Campaigns: Company-sponsored and corporate fundraising campaigns can also greatly impact your charity. In fact, employee giving makes up 9% of all annual donations. Many employees are influenced to give by these company-sponsored events and fundraisers and some offer matching gifts. So whether your company provides employees with an opportunity to match donations or perhaps ties in a charity with the annual company holiday party…this holiday season, why not involving some local businesses in your cause?
  • Just Ask Campaigns: Hosting an online donations drive is a great option. Having a website or giving page that explains your cause and allows people to donate is important during this giving season. Around 60% of donations now come in through a charity’s donation website. This alone shows the importance of having a good online presence….especially when your giving page is branded for your organization. Research shows that 6x more money was raised from branded giving pages versus generic pages, and also had larger gift sizes on average.

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Whatever holiday fundraising campaign you choose to host (whether a fundraising event or a donations drive), it’s always great to have the support of a fundraising website to help spread the word and provide an easy way for people to give back. Check out DoJiggy’s new virtual fundraising platform for nonprofit and community organizations.

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