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Virtual PTO Fundraising Ideas for COVID

Virtual Fundraising during COVIDIf you belong to a PTA or PTO (parent-teacher association or organization) you may be looking for virtual fundraising ideas that work during COVID. Many PTO groups have been hit hard financially by canceled fundraising events over the last year.

The good news is that we’ve seen that by reworking your fundraising strategies, your school can successfully conduct fundraising during this global pandemic. To do this, you’ll need safe and effective virtual fundraising ideas. We have compiled the ideas below of the best PTO fundraising ideas for online and virtual fundraising during COVID.

Considerations for the Best PTO Fundraising Ideas

The best PTO and PTA fundraisers have certain criteria in common.

  • First, they have to be fun! Fundraisers should be enjoyable for kids and families alike.
  • PTO school fundraising campaigns should enforce ideals and lessons that we want our children to learn. Parents and teachers know that children are like sponges, and every opportunity to teach them counts.
  • Building on that, PTA fundraising ideas and events can be educational and culturally enriching.
  • School fundraisers should be healthy. Notice that there are no candy or cookie dough sales here. Why promote these types of unhealthy activities when so many of our children are already overweight and out of shape?
  • The best PTO fundraising ideas must allow schools to raise a significant amount of funds and meet their fundraising goals. Of course, depending on the goals and available resources, some events will be more lucrative than others. Be sure to determine your fundraising goals as a place to start.

See this article for factors to consider and more information on PTA Fundraising and PTO Fundraising.

Best Online and Virtual PTO Fundraising Ideas During COVID

Here are our picks for the best PTO fundraising ideas for 2021 and beyond.

Run a Virtual School Walk-a-thon or Fun Run

Virtual School Walk-a-thon or Fun RunOne of the best, most popular PTA fundraising ideas is a school fun run or walk-a-thon. There are many benefits of a walk-a-thon such as promoting a healthy lifestyle through fitness, low overhead costs, and large revenue potential.

Many schools are going virtual with their school walkathons during COVID and your PTO can, too! Make your walk-a-thon event a greater success by adding incentives for students. Offer prizes to top-performers and classrooms. One school encouraged students to raise more by promoting a teacher tricycle race if certain financial goals were met. At the end of the walkathon or Fun Run, recognize fundraising top-performers. Read more on school jog-a-thon prize ideas.


Host a School Read-a-thon

DoJiggy Reading-AthonReading fundraisers and read-a-thon challenges make great school fundraisers, as they promote literacy and a love of reading in children. This is a great way to engage children during COVID.

Just be sure to be specific in your fundraising ask and let everyone know where the money raised from the read-a-thon will go (i.e. computers for the school library, or new gym facilities).

Learn how to host a reading fundraiser.

Consider Creative School Crowdfunding Events

Fundraising Serve-AthonSome Parent-Teacher groups have decided to create a twist on these traditional peer to peer events. How about a school serve-a-thon where students (and sometimes parents) work together to serve the community? Instead of walking for a cause, students donate their time raking the lawn for an elderly neighbor, or cleaning up trash at a local park, or tutoring a younger student. Each classroom can create a project and watch the donations come in to support the cause. Serve-a-thons are a great way to earn money while helping those in need and teaching children about service.

Crowdfunding for schools can take on many forms, including spin-a-thons, obstacle course fundraising events, and more. Just about anything that gets your students excited will work for PTO fundraising when a crowdfunding component is added.

Utilize Crowdfunding Software for Successful PTA Fundraising Events

To successfully host a peer-to-peer fundraiser, you’ll need the right crowdfunding platform. Here, students register and create personal fundraising pages. Then students and parents ask relatives, friends, and neighbors to make a donation for the school or PTA. Fundraiser administrators can easily manage event details and registrations, track donations and participant performance, and run financial reports.

Crowdfunding Fundraising Software for PTA

Run a School Raffle for the PTO

Virtual Raffle FundraisingAnother great PTO fundraising idea that can be done virtually during COVID is to host a fundraising raffle. Raffles are easy to run and make a great virtual or low-impact fundraiser! Your group can obtain donations from local businesses and sell raffle tickets online. Many PTOs also have success with 50/50 online raffles.

Add School Merchandise Sales in the Fundraising Mix

Simple Store FundraisingEveryone wants a school hoodie, right? Why not sell them on your school spirit store and make a profit on sales? Online stores for school merchandise can serve as a great additional boost to reaching PTO fundraising goals. Plus, when your supporters carry merchandise that displays your logo, it helps spread awareness about your school and mission. Brand awareness is just one of the essential steps towards building your school’s brand.


PTA Fundraising Ideas: Conclusions & Resources for Success

PTA fundraising is an important part of any PTO or PTA organization. That doesn’t mean it’s easy or everyone wants to join you! Be sure to select PTA fundraising ideas that are fun, healthy and teach valuable lessons to the children involved. If none of these fundraisers tickle your fancy, we have plenty more school fundraising ideas to consider – including the 50 best fundraisers for schools.

Making PTA fundraising fun and demonstrating how the funds raised will be used to improve your school is important. Working towards a specific fundraising goal often encourages more parental involvement than just raising money with no advertised goal or cause.

Finally, don’t forget about the ease of online fundraising and using fundraising software to help you reach your goals. Parents will appreciate being able to donate online and often give more.

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