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Write a Killer Raffle Prize Donation Letter

Raffle Prize donation letter templateA raffle prize donation letter is what fundraisers send to local businesses and corporations to obtain donated items as prizes for a charity raffle. The letter can be kept on file in order for donors to claim donations at the end of their tax year.  Follow our brief guide and take a look at our raffle prize donation letter template to get the most out of your charity raffle. But first, let’s cover how to ask for donations for a raffle.

Do your Research

Before you start writing your raffle prize request letter, make sure you research your target company and find out what department and the name of the person who oversees these types of requests. Visit the company’s website or social media page to identify this vital information. It is a good idea to call the company and appropriate department directly to make an initial and friendly introduction, before sending your raffle prize request letter.

Plan Ahead

Most companies can take up to 6 weeks to organise a donation, and sometimes that long to simply reply, if they are a large corporation. Christmas is an especially busy time of the year to request donations for charity lotteries and sweepstakes.  Bear this in mind and make sure you send your raffle prize request letter with plenty of time before your charity raffle takes place, so that you are not left standing with no prizes!

Come Up with a List of Charity Raffle Items You Want

List of Raffle Items you want donatedYour efforts will be far more fruitful if you have plans laid out for what raffle items you hope to procure. Figure out a wish list of sorts for the project. It helps immensely to have the raffle items you wish to procure written down, even if they seem difficult to get at first. Having everyone on the same page will allow more ideas to flow as to where to acquire these types of raffle items.

Getting together with your friends and fundraising group to brainstorm ideas for raffle donations ahead of time, ensures that everyone is on the same page and that you have enough time to procure these items. Setting up this wish list early can help you in your brainstorming sessions.

A Few Raffle Prize Ideas

Gift baskets are popular charity raffle prizes and a great idea to request from local businesses, as the sponsor can showcase a variety of their products. Many companies will prefer to provide gift vouchers or gift certificates as charity donations, as they are easier to send and they encourage new customers to visit their premises. Also don’t be afraid to ask for a cash donation, which could go towards the cost of a big raffle prize.

Look to Your Friends for Donations

Always start with your network of supporters. Often you will find that not only will some of your team members know who to contact for the benefit of the raffle, but they are also local business people or work in offices or businesses where they can ask for donations. Be sure to include your Board of Directors in lottery procurement strategies.

Get Writing the Raffle Donation Letter!

Writing the Raffle Donation LetterOnce you’ve determined the local businesses or corporations that you’d like to sponsor your raffle, now is the time to get writing and send out donation request letters. We’ve created these raffle prize donation letter templates for this purpose. Simply change them a bit based on the context at hand and be specific in what you want. Remember to be authentic and concise in your writing. It’s also important to be polite and friendly but be careful not to drone on. You want to keep to the point and make it as specific as possible.  Here is a simple format to stick to:

  • Introduce yourself and your organization. What charity are you raising money for and how will the funds raised be used?
  • What made you think of this business to donate an item to the charity raffle? Perhaps compliment them on their company and its products or charity work they have sponsored in the past.
  • Suggest a raffle donation prize that you want – a product, gift voucher or maybe a cash donation to put towards buying an item to raffle
  • Let them know they will be officially recognized on your raffle website for donating a prize(s)
  • Thank them in advance and leave an appropriate closing line.

To show your legitimacy, make sure you always write your charity prize request letters on headed paper and include your charity registration number (EIN in the US).

Offer Publicity in Exchange for Raffle Prizes

In exchange for sponsorship, tell your donors that they will be recognized for their involvement in the raffle by adding their name and giving them a shout-out in promotional materials, on-site at the event, and online presence through mention in social networking posts, blog articles, logos on the fundraising website and more. This will encourage generous prize donations as you will also be providing the companies with free publicity. Offer to run a live steam video on your fundraising raffle website, and draw the winners on a live stage so everyone can see the action. Strategically place a banner or logo with the sponsor’s name on your website, so that they receive extra publicity for donating prizes.

Thank Your Raffle Prize Sponsors

Thank Your Raffle Prize SponsorsOnce you have connected with local companies and they have agreed to donate raffle prizes, don’t forget to thank them for their generosity. Remember that besides the fact that they will kindly provide items to raffle off, they will also help to optimize your outreach by promoting the event to their employees, customers, and partners. It is vital to follow up with sponsors after the event by including facts and figures such as event attendance, money raised for the cause, traffic to your charity website, media coverage, and so on. Include this brief report in the thank you letter.

See our sample thank you letter for raffle prize donations

Remember, if your raffle sponsors are happy with the results, they are likely to want to sponsor another fundraising campaign in the future. This is a great opportunity to form strong links to local businesses and maximize your charitable donations and outreach.

Charity Raffle Software and Resources

Our blog on running a charity raffle in the UK will point out clear guidelines and the legalities of setting up these types of fundraising events in the UK.

Our raffle software can help you plan and manage your charity raffles from start to finish. Our online software provides tools to help you raise more money with your online fundraising raffle.

  • Fundraising thermometer to track online fundraising progress
  • Live Stream video option (via YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live, or Vimeo) for virtual fundraising events
  • Sponsor promotion via sponsor logos and links to website and social media
  • Easy social media share options
  • Ability to incorporate peer to peer fundraising, where fundraisers sell raffle tickets via personal fundraising pages
  • The system can automatically draw winners from all entries or the administrator can draw winners
  • Include Social Media sharing options to reward supporters who share links and bring in other donors with more raffle entries
  • Text to Give and mobile giving features to make promoting the raffle easy (US raffles only)


Raffle Fundraising Software


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