Innovative Ways to Successfully Fundraise at Work

Fundraising at work can be an easy and effective way to raise money and awareness for your charity. You’re around your coworkers every day, which gives you plenty of opportunities to talk about and educate people about your mission. It can also allow you to offer easy ways for coworkers to contribute either in person or through online donations.

Here are 3 innovative ways to successfully fundraise at work

Business group showing teamwork1. Fundraising Showcase

Ask your supervisors for just 5 minutes during a weekly staff meeting to make a presentation about your cause.  During the presentation, show your fundraising website and share photos and videos about your mission.  Be sure to explain the impact that it has and how contributions to your cause can help make the world a better place. This is a great opportunity to educate and inspire your coworkers in regards to your mission.

Perhaps your business will want to get behind the cause and offer to “match” donations of employees. Remember businesses get tax write-offs for donating to charity and their giving back also reflects positively on how their employees and customers view them.

Following your presentation, send an email to co-workers with a link to your fundraising website. Here they can easily see your fundraising goals and how much money you’ve already raised. They can also forward the link to others, and easily make an online donation towards your cause.

2. Luncheon Fundraising Event

boxedlunchA fun way to engage coworkers with your cause is to host a luncheon event. This could be hosted at a restaurant or other venue, or it could even be hosted on-site with a boxed-lunch fundraiser.

Sell tickets to the event where the proceeds go towards your mission, or charge a nominal fee for people to attend (since ultimately lunch is provided and they also get value out of the event). You may even find a local caterer that will donate the food for a worthy cause!

Provide games and contests to generate some fun competition across departments. Hold a raffle with prizes, where the proceeds from the tickets go directly to funding your cause, and employees have a chance to win great items. You may even want to make this a monthly event.

3. Auction Fundraising

An online charity auction is a great way to raise money for your cause while creating a fun way to generate some competition amongst your co-workers! A display table featuring the auction items in your office conference room or reception area could showcase the items that coworkers would be bidding on.

If you use charity auction software, it can be very easy to setup and manage the auction. You can allow people to make online donations or select “buy now” for items they must have.  This is a fun way to generate awareness and funds for your cause, and you could even open up the bidding to friends, family, and business contacts of your coworkers. It’s also extremely convenient for event planners as they can easily track all items people have bid on, and quickly generate invoices and collect payments.

In summary: If you’re interested in fundraising at work, take a look at our online fundraising software. With our software, you can simply and easily create, setup, and manage many fundraising campaigns: from silent auctions to charity golf tournaments to an online pledge drive, our affordable solutions can help you easily plan and manage all aspects of your event!

Profitable Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Whether you have a child in pre-school, elementary school, high school or college, you’ll know that school fundraising activities play a huge part in meeting the financial needs of educational establishments.

Coming up with new fundraising ideas isn’t always easy – but doing so is important, because fresh ideas grab the interest of participants and donors alike.

Here are some enjoyable school fundraising ideas that are easy to implement and profitable too!

Preschool and Elementary Level

This is one idea that’s always a winner! A good set of face-paints, a face-painting book and a couple of creative volunteers are all that’s needed to set up a booth, which should then appear at every school event throughout the year!

You can also ask at local malls, carnivals and sporting events if you might be allowed to set up a booth there, too. Consider selling face-painting kits at your booth to bring in additional income.

Cash for Lego Pieces
Have everyone bring in their unwanted Lego pieces, which can sell for around $10/lb. It’s such a simple idea, yet one from which everyone benefits… including parents who are more than happy to declutter their homes.

Middle and High School Level

Fluffy dog in safari outfit.Dog Pageant
Everyone is proud of their pooch – so arrange a ‘doggy pageant’ (you can even ask for the dogs to be in costume). Offer prizes for first, second and third places, charge an entry fee and open the pageant to all students, their families and friends.

Make extra money by holding a bake sale to coincide with the pageant, and why not run a simple raffle too?

Flamingo Flocking
This idea really appeals to the kids’ sense of fun! Purchase around 12 weatherproof plastic pink flamingos (the brighter in color the better!). Pick a ‘victim’, such as a local business, and place the flamingos in front of their premises.

Attach your school’s contact details to the flamingos and when someone calls, offer them a choice. You will remove the flamingos for a few dollars… or they can pay a few dollars more and pick the next ‘victim’ for themselves!  Whenever you place your flamingos, make sure you have a visible ‘contact’ board so that interested spectators can pay to have a yard of their choice visited by your flamingos too!

NOTE: Should anyone NOT be amused by the flamingos you should, of course, remove them immediately, without charge. Usually, though, people are happy to take part once they know it’s for a good cause… and it’s a great way to get attention!

College Level

MED0001020Arts and Crafts Fair
Held in conjunction with a raffle and bake sale, an arts and crafts fair is a great way to bring in extra funds.

Invite artists from the local community to participate, and arrange contests (for 100% recycled art, for example, or a photography contest). Close the event by holding a silent auction to sell off the best pieces.

Music Festival
It may be an ambitious idea, but a musical festival can be very profitable (not to mention memorable). Invite local bands to participate (some may be happy to do so simply for the exposure, no fee required).  Have artistic students create a range of souvenirs to sell during your event (T-shirts, hats etc) and sell food and drinks throughout the festival.


Guest Post provided by Christine from All Unique Fundraising Ideas: For more ideas to raise money for schools and other non-profit organizations, visit All Unique Fundraising Ideas where we’re always thinking ‘Outside the Donation Box’!

Giving Tuesday is only 8 weeks away. What are your plans?

Giving Tuesday (#GivingTuesday) is only 2 months away. What are your non-profit fundraising plans? On December 2, 2014, non-profit organizations across the globe will be reaching out to their supporters to request their generous donations.

GT_Lockup_alt1Giving Tuesday falls the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. The thinking behind Giving Tuesday is this…we have one day of “giving thanks” (Thanksgiving). Then retailers have 2 days for giving shoppers great deals (black Friday & cyber Monday) – so what about nonprofits? Shouldn’t charities also have a chance to participate in the spirit of giving? That’s when Giving Tuesday was born. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving people are encouraged to give-back to a greater good. With all the money people are spending on food and shopping – how about encouraging them to put a little cash aside to donate to a cause they support?

The problem with hosting a Giving Tuesday campaign is the competition. Every non profit organization is likely jumping on the bandwagon and encouraging people to give to their cause over another. Social media is likely to be cluttered with messages and inboxes flooded with emails about how their donation can make a difference.  How can your nonprofit compete?

What we suggest is getting an early start. Start your campaign now….2 months in advance. Set up a donation website where donors can easily go online and make their Giving Tuesday donation. How nice is that? With the business of the holiday season and people traveling and/or relatives visiting, wouldn’t people find an advantage in making their Giving Tuesday contribution early? Set a goal you wish to reach by Dec. 2, 2014 and start tracking your progress now with a fundraising thermometer.

Then when December 2nd actually comes, they can be at peace knowing they already gave-back. Then all they need to do on Giving Tuesday is tell people about their generosity! Not only will they feel good about their contribution, but possibly encourage others to donate as well w/ easy “share widgets”, thus taking your campaign viral!

With DoJiggy, not only can we can make the process of collecting online donations for your Giving Tuesday campaign easy, but we can also help you promote your cause. We provide fundraising wigets that you can post on your organization’s website, blogs, social channels and more – giving access to your donation website a simple 1-click away.  donation-website

If all of this sounds good to you, let us help you get started by creating a simple branded Giving Tuesday campaign. We have easy-to-use templates to help you create a custom donation website that mirrors the branding of your non profit organization. Here you post information about your cause (including photos, videos and a fundraising thermometer to track your progress) Supporters can easily make safe and secure online donations with a few simple clicks.  And, if you choose to use our merchant services division to process your online credit card payments, we’ll give you a free donation website!

DoJiggy’s merchant services division provides certified credit card processing specifically with nonprofits in mind. We provide some of the lowest processing rates, no binding contracts, and simple approval process. Need proof? Here’s a case study on just one of our many successful clients.

Learn more about how you can safely collect online donations for your GivingTuesday campaign with our donation software.

If you’d like to learn more about the Giving Tuesday revolution, we suggest you check out this website which provides great information and resources,

Planning an Online Charity Auction for Your School

Grace School is planning an online charity auction well in advance of their actual school fundraising event in February. The Grace Auction committee members are already working with their community in procuring auction items, marketing and designing their charity auction website.

graceschool“We Invite you to`Log on & Share your Love´in our First Ever Online Auction. “

Grace School has added several auction items including objects of art and a local winery tasting and tour. Their teachers and students are offering special services and events such as a chef for a day, a coach for a day and skating parties. Step-by-step planning for an online charity auction takes time, thought, and networking…Grace School is wise to start 5 months ahead. They are offering a special viewing of the auction items for one week prior to the bidding, enticing their participants for some exciting bidding wars!

The online charity auction software for the Grace School Auction has already taken great shape with a customized banner containing their heart shaped school logo, page colors and inviting text. Their website will manage registrations and orders securely and provide them with auto generated reports, and receipts to their donors and participants. An easy auction check-out tool is included in their state-of-the-art software which allows them to print a full report of the winning bidders, including all final bids, their order status, and a tally of their auction proceeds.

“Many independent schools boast small class sizes and student/teacher ratios. Grace School is unique, not only because our class sizes are small and ratios low, but also because our students are cherished by their teachers, respected by their peers, and are known and loved by all. Grace School students are smart, joyful, confident learners who are excited to come to school each day. They have dynamic minds, restless spirits and bundles of endless possibilities.”

Another fantastic option to consider in planning an auction are No Risk Auction Items which can bring in large bids by offering high-ticket items. The great thing about this program is that organizations can advertise and auction the packages, such as travel destinations, without having to put down any money up front. If they successfully sell the item during their online charity auction, they then buy it from the provider and the item is sent directly to the winning participant. Learn more about planning a school charity auction or find many more school fundraising ideas here.

Engage Parents in School Fundraising Initiatives

In a recent blog post, we noted that along with “back-to-school” comes “back-to-fundraising”. A very important part of school fundraising is gaining the support of the parents. (especially for the younger students). How can schools do this?

Proud parents

Below we share some helpful tips to help engage parents with school fundraisers:

  • Limit the Number of Fundraisers. One very important thing to keep in mind is that kids have “other” engagements that require fundraising. If they are involved in Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts they are likely out there selling cookies or popcorn. Sports teams also host fundraisers to raise money for competitions and equipment. Try to minimize your general school fundraising events to one or two per year. You don’t want to burn the kids out, but you also don’t want to burn out the parents or the community and family/friends networks that are contributing to these causes!
  • Communicate the Cause & Value. Be sure to explain the cause of the fundraiser. What exactly are the funds being used for? And not only that…but what is the “VALUE” students receive by participating? Parents will be more willing to volunteer their time and open their checkbook if they have a clear understanding of how the funds will be used and how their children will learn from the experience. This will also help teach students to make a case (i.e. sales pitch) and perhaps teach them something about setting and accomplishing goals.
  • Make it Easy. Set up a user-friendly fundraising website where you post all the details of your fundraising campaign and allow for people to make online donations. Make it easy for parents to promote the fundraiser by sharing the link with family and friends. Many relatives live out of state and would like to contribute, so creating a simple one-click method will help bring in more donations. This also encourages crowdfunding via social networking. Students, siblings and parents can post announcements on their Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram (etc) and attract the attention of hundreds of people without having to make a direct appeal.
  • Host a Kick-Off party: Parents are more willing to offer their assistance when they understand what is required of them. Don’t send home a bunch of forms and expect them to read everything and then get excited about your fundraiser. Host an after-school event with ice cream, music and games. Here you can inform everyone about your exact expectations and how to be successful. It’s also a great way for parents to network with one another and perhaps provides an opportunity for PTA members to seek out new volunteers.
  • Motivate with Incentives and Prizes! Parents love to see their children passionate about something. If the kids are excited, the parents will be too. Offer prizes for students who reach a certain goal. Host a pizza party for the class that raises the most funds (encouraging bonding in the classroom and healthy competition throughout the school). Offer a raffle for the parents that includes prizes they would like (i.e. spa or restaurant gift cards). Perhaps a special “parent-child” award for the families that worked hardest together (a special field trip). Using pledge software for schools allows students to create a personal fundraising page where they can collect donations and track their individual progress against others.

In Summary

These same tactics hold true for other youth fundraising events – whether organized by the church, a sporting team or another group, getting the parents involved in their children’s fundraising campaigns will contribute to a much higher chance of success!