Color Run – A Popular New Fundraising Event

Color Run 2Recently, it seems like Color Runs are popping up all over the place. So what’s it all about? A Color Run is a 5K “paint race” event series that’s spreading exponentially across the Globe. The un-timed event has no winners or prizes, but runners who participate in the race are showered with colored powder at stations along the run. This popular event has also become a fun and creative way to raise money for a worthy cause!

How it Works:  A color run is less about making good time during your 5K run, and more about having the time of your life. The five-kilometer race is un-timed and attracts thousands of participants, (also called “Color Runners”) who are doused from head to toe in different colors at each kilometer.

There are only 2 basic rules to follow.

  1. Wear white at the starting line
  2. Finish plastered in color!

After runners complete the race, the fun continues with a Finish Festival. This usually includes music, dancing and massive color throws – which create millions of vivid color combinations.  This post-party also provides an excellent opportunity to raise additional fundraising dollars by hosting a fundraising raffle or selling food, beverages, color run memorabilia, etc.  Perhaps having a photo booth on site for participants to capture the memorable event and consider bringing in notable celebrities or musicians to attract a crowd and bring the media to the event.

Why not make your next fundraising event a color run?

A color run as a fundraiser would be hosted similar to a walk-a-thon fundraiser (jog-a-thon or other a-thon themed event), where color run participants would either pay a registration fee or collect donations in an effort to raise money for your cause. Since thousands of people worldwide are signing up to participate in these color run events, can you imagine how successful you could be with so many advocates raising online donations?

With DoJiggy Pledge software, each participant can easily create a unique personal fundraising page where they upload photos, mission statements, and safely collect online donations. They can then easily send the link of their fundraising website to family and friends in advance of the event. By making the event an online fundraising campaign, participants are able to expand their reach and therefore raise more money for the supporting cause.

FPColorRunFirst Priority recently hosted a color run fundraiser “Color Run for the Gospel” which was a huge success resulting in more than $10,000 raised for their cause helping to connect the CHURCH to reach students on over 165 campuses in seven counties.


The Color Run™ was founded in January of 2012 as an event to promote healthiness and happiness by bringing the community together to participate in the “Happiest 5k on the Planet”. This concept brought forth a completely new genre of running events that continues to grow exponentially. Now the single largest event series in the United States, The Color Run has exploded since its debut with more than 170 events hosted in 30+ countries in 2013.  Learn More about The Color Run




School Jog-a-thon – a great school fundraising event

jogathon-photo1I recently attended my son’s school jog-a-thon (variation of a walk-a-thon fundraiser) and I must say, this was such a fun school fundraising event! The kids were so excited. The entire school participated, but the way they arranged it made it very manageable for volunteers and students. The grades participated in the school jog-a-thon at different times. For example, the kindergarten classes jog began at 9:05 am. The classes gathered on the football field and water stations were set up at each corner.

jogathon-photo2The event organizers made the school fundraiser very appropriate for each grade level and fun for the students. For example, for the kindergarten group, they had characters jogging alongside the kids. Humpty dumpty was there (I’m sure all students were happy to see that they were faster than the slow-moving egg sitting on the wall), and there were characters like IronMan who ran along side the children and gave them high-fives, keeping them motivated. Even warm-up time was fun with marines leading stretches and jumping jacks.

The students ran for 20 minutes straight, taking breaks when they needed to. There was a large clock on display to count-down the time, thus motivating kids to keep -going for the entire 20 minutes. Each time they completed a lap, volunteers punched a hole punch in their running “bib” – this allowed them to track completed laps for donors who chose to give pledge donations by contributing a set amount per lap completed. (my son completed 8 laps).

jogathon-photo3Students were encouraged to raise a total of $30 each, yet if they raised more than $100, they received a prize. This really motivated my son (along with many other children) Setting a financial goal (i.e. $100) and then rewarding students for accomplishing it helps make them feel good about their achievement. They also got their name announced over the load speaker at the event and got to go to a prize table to choose their prize, making them feel special. There were also larger prizes for students and classes that raised the most funds.

One thing that I did not particularly like about the school fundraiser was the online fundraising website they used for collecting donations. Since most of our family lives far away, we had to solicit donations by sending email requests to friends and family. However, the link we had to send to family led to a very generic page that was not very user-friendly. There was absolutely no ability to personalize the page, so donors had no idea which student they were contributing to.  I think it would have been fun to have a personal fundraising page where we could add a picture of my son, a description of the purpose of the fundraiser, and then set a goal and track his fundraising progress as people made donations. (we really had no idea how much he had raised or if he had even accomplished his goal until the day of the event) – These features are available if using a solution like DoJiggy Pledge Software that provides personal fundraising pages for participants.

Overall I was very pleased with the event and especially my son’s enthusiasm for participating in the fundraiser. Here are some more great school fundraising ideas.


Recent Study on Nonprofit Software Purchasing

If you are a software decision-maker at a nonprofit organization, sometimes it helps to know what other nonprofits are concerned with when purchasing software.  Recently, Software Advice talked to thousands of nonprofit software buyers in order to provide insight into what influences technology buying decisions. The company analyzed more than 2000 interactions with nonprofits evaluating new software that occurred during the 2013 year. The most important findings are listed below:

Key Findings:

  1. Most buyers (51 percent) are evaluating nonprofit software to improve efficiency.
  2. Among buyers with a preference, the majority (96 percent) prefer Web-based systems.
  3. Fundraising and donor management is the most requested application by buyers.

What we find most interesting (and encouraging) about these results is knowing that our solutions are exactly inline with what the market demands.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 1.08.57 PM


DoJiggy’s online fundraising software aims to improve efficiency and reduce resources for organizations by helping admins manage all the details of the fundraising campaign on an easy-to-use website. We provide fundraising website templates that are customizable to match the look-and-feel of your organization. Then we provide all the tools needed to: register participants, track fundraising progress, safely collect online donations, manage sponsorships, and generate numerous reports.

Results of the study also show that buyers prefer web-based systems. Luckily, all of DoJiggy software solutions are web-based, meaning there is no need to install and train staff on a new software system. Everything is easily managed from your online administrative area using a secure login.

Lastly, the research shows that most inquiries were for fundraising and donor management solutions. Well, that’s ALL that we do! And each of our online fundraising software solutions were created with simplicity in mind. With our software, nonprofits manage various types of campaigns using a fundraising website with all the features relevant to your exact fundraiser!  So whether you are launching an annual donations drive, or hosting a fundraising event such as: walk-a-thon, fundraising golf tournament, online charity auction, or gala…we’ve got an affordable, web-based solution for you!

For more details about the findings of the Study, visit Software Advice.

“Nonprofit organizations mainly want applications and tools to improve the efficiency of their daily tasks needed to be performed in order to be successful. While our findings revealed nearly half of nonprofit organizations are utilizing manual methods (spreadsheets, pen and paper) for record-keeping, we also saw a substantial number prefer Cloud-based SaaS platforms. Buyers are increasingly understanding the benefits of these products and are proactively evaluating them for their organizations. This model is typically easier to deploy, and allows nonprofits to have the latest versions of great products at an affordable cost.” – Janna Fitch

Janna Finch is an analyst at Software Advice, an online resource that reviews and researches nonprofit software and technology.


Online Golf Tournament Registration

Golf Charity RegistrationSpring is a busy time for charity golf tournaments. Why not do your golfers (and admins) a favor by making the registration and management process easier by providing online golf tournament registration tools.

With online golf tournament registration, golfers can easily sign-up, join teams, make payments and collect donations…all from your golf tournament website.

But that’s not all golfers can do. If your organization is using a golf tournament software (such as GolfRegistrations), participants can manage their entire golf experience.

Golfers can purchase golf merchandise and make selections (such as shirt size or lunch option) with tournament registration. Some companies even provide various templates so participants can design their own shirt (choose logo, color, etc.).  Golfers can log-in at any time to see progress of the fundraiser, post comments and share the website in real-time through social networking. If your event is a golf marathon, each golfer will enjoy creating a personal fundraising page where they may upload photos, videos, post goal statements, and then share this page when they request donations from family and friends.

Not only does online golf registration system provide easy tools for golfers, but it also makes golf tournament planning much easier for your tournament directors.  The administration area provides a complete player database, storing registration information (name, address, phones, payment details, email, etc.), as well as email broadcast and email template capability, allowing organizers to easily communicate with registered players, sponsors, or prospective supporters. There are also many management features such as: sponsor promotion, volunteer management, and complete event reporting capabilities.

So if you are looking to save time and resources…while providing a more positive experience for golfers, test-drive our golf tournament software solutions with a no-obligation 14-day free trial!

What nonprofits need to know about credit card processing

Credit Card Processors

Recently we contributed an article on The Fundraising Authority to provide some helpful information for nonprofits interested in credit card processing solutions. If you are a nonprofit considering processing payments or donations via credit or debit cards, you are going to want to find the right merchant services provider for you.

Below we outline a few factors for you to consider when selecting a merchant services partner:

1.Easy Set up?  First, you’ll want to be sure the credit card processing services provided are able to integrate seamlessly with your fundraising website in order to make the process user-friendly for your supporters.

2. Credit card processing fees. Every merchant service provider charges fees for processing transactions. Compare transaction rates (the percentage taken from each transaction made) along with other monthly fees, service fees, charges for support, premiums for mobile processing and more.

3. Equipment: Identify how you will process payments (online, on-site, on-the-go)? If you require processing equipment, you’ll want to find what equipment the vendor provides, the costs associated, and if training and set up is included, (some companies charge hundreds of dollars for credit card terminals, where others include free equipment with their services).

4. Customer Service: Is the company helpful during your search inquiries? Do they provide you with links, research and customer testimonials? Do they have a credited reputation? Do they offer any incentives for becoming one of their valued customers?

5. Contractual Obligations. Some companies require annual contracts, and some have early termination fees so be sure to check the fine-print of your contract. Luckily there are some merchant services companies that will pay your termination fees to release you from your current contract if you desire a change.

After considering all of these details, hopefully you’ll be able to find the right merchant services provider for you!