Congratulations 2014 Giving Program Winners

2014 marked the 6th year that DoJiggy hosted its annual Giving program – which supports nonprofits and community organizations through cash donations based on a percentage of the company’s annual profits. Give Word On Balloons Showing Charity Donations And Generous Ass

This year, the DoJiggy Giving Program distributed a total of $5,000 to five non-profit organizations operating in the U.S. or Canada with a budget < $1 million USD.  Each award recipient received a $1,000 grant to support specific fundraising programs. Winners were selected based on the following criteria: (1) Overview of the charity’s cause and need for financial support (2) Efforts to spread the word and gain support via social media and contest votes on DoJiggy’s Facebook page.

“We are amazed to see the various ways nonprofits dedicate their lives to making the world a better place,” explains Lisa Bennett, Director of the DoJiggy Giving program. “We are proud to have a small role in supporting these organizations.”

$1,000 awards were presented to the following organizations:

  • RosaLuz is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged and at-risk youth. The $1000 grant will go towards a youth mentorship pilot project that will launch in 2015 for at-risk middle school students in the Charleston county area.
  • Mary’s Place by the Sea is a respite home which provides holistic services that compliment medical treatment for women with cancer. The $1000 grant will be used to cover the costs for four women to have an overnight stay with treatment at Mary’s Place.
  • Free2Luv is a nonprofit that aspires to empower and uplift youth in an attempt to minimize bullying and teen suicide. With the DoJiggy grant, they will continue to grow their “We Care” program which gifts empowerment packages to children being bullied and/or going through a difficult time.
  • Civic Support strives to provide outreach and strategic business development to struggling or growing nonprofits. The $1000 grant will allow this organization to amplify its student internship program by providing an office space for these services.
  • The Northwest London Resource Centre (NWLRC) is a neighborhood-based, non-profit organization in London, Ontario, that champions community development through empowering young people and building connections between youth and their community.  The $1000 grant will go towards creating a new community space.

Learn More about 2014 DoJiggy Giving Award Recipients

Fundraising and Payment Processing – Trinity School

During this holiday season, Trinity School is busy focusing on their Annual Giving Campaign. Their fundraising efforts support a comprehensive and challenging educational program at every level, including offering the Julie Program for students with learning differences in grades K through 4 and continuing in the Middle School as needed. Trinity has twice been recognized as a Department of Education designated Blue Ribbon school.


Their Annual Giving donations software is offered to them free of charge as a benefit of choosing DoJiggy Merchant Services for their payment processing, of whom specializes in providing low cost payment processing to nonprofit organizations, priding itself on these core values: integrity, honesty and ethical business practices. Trinity School processes their donations through their certified payment processing systems that are PCI compliant, providing safe and secure online payment processing via laptops, desktop and mobile credit card processing.

Trinity manages four events with DoJiggy Software, a complete web-based registration and donation management system for online fundraising events, which is seamlessly integrated with DoJiggy Merchant Services. As with all of DoJiggy’s products, their organization’s fundraisers are easily managed from  user-friendly fundraising websites where participants, sponsors, donors and administrators engage. The secure administration area is key to managing the entire event life cycle including: event promotion and marketing, sponsor and sponsorship management, online event registration, product sales, donations, detailed financial reporting, and day-of-event operations – all in one fully integrated web application.

Trinity School is an independent, Pre-School through grade 8 co-ed Catholic school, sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. The school is located on a peaceful, wooded forty-eight acre campus in Howard County. Trinity is a place where children learn to love learning. At Trinity the uniqueness of each person is recognized and respected. Diligence is rewarded and students are encouraged to achieve according to one’s potential. Using their gifts responsibly for self and for others is fundamental to Trinity’s philosophy. In an environment spectacular in nature’s richness, students are nurtured to excel in a caring atmosphere that is fondly called the Trinity Family.

Credit card processing fees are the most basic costs for your business or organization when processing credit cards. The most important fee is the rate you will pay on your transactions. You’ll want to make sure that you partner with a company that has low credit card rates and monthly fees, so that you can keep more money for your charity.

Giving Tuesday – A Day of Global Giving

On #GivingTuesday we honor The Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida who will hold their 7th Annual WINK News Feeds Families Hunger Walk in January. This year they have already raised $105,425.00 for children, families and others in need in their community. Over the past six years their crowd fundraising walk-a-thon has raised $1,300,000.00 to fight hunger.

I walk because

“We believe service to others is fundamental to creating a hunger-free America. We serve with excellence, compassion and responsiveness to meet the needs of those with whom we work, internally and externally. The better we serve the more people we bring together in commitment to our vision.”

Over 1000 walk participants use crowd fundraising software to easily register and form lively teams. The enthusiasm generated by such a large network of supporters makes this annual event very exciting to be a part of. They formed teams and offered incentives such as free t-shirts for those who met their crowd fundraising goal. Each participant has their own personal fundraising page in which they’ve added photos, videos and mission statements. Each team has a team page showing its members and milestones. The extra charge of positive energy created within fundraising teams is an effective pledge event strategy as it ignites donors to join in the fun and vibrant spirit of fighting hunger together.

One of the most important factors of their success lies in the outreach they have done within their community. “We are fortunate to partner with the local CBS affiliate as the title sponsor of the Walk. This partnership gives us a considerable amount of local TV coverage; special interviews, and they produce commercials and videos for us. We also have a great partnership with The News-Press our local newspaper. They do print ads in three or four publications for us.”

In viewing the Sponsors page on their crowd fundraising website it’s clear that much cultivation has occurred in gaining support from such an extensive list of fundraising event sponsors. They have kept in close contact with their sponsors through an email list within their website in sending out acknowledgements, thank you notes, and milestones as they met and exceeded their fundraising goal.

The Harry Chapin Food Bank is a member of Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity. Their mission is to feed America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger.

Free online you will find a number of great articles, tips and helpful guidelines, along with our crowdfunding software to help you manage all the details for your walk-a-thon fundraiser. Many people find it valuable to download our walk-a-thon guide which walks you through each step of the planning process to help you prepare, manage and execute a successful fundraising event. There are also a number of free fundraising templates you can download and use for your own event including: walk-a-thon pledge forms, participant waivers & instructions, flyer templates, and more.


Sitting for Society Embraces Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

On November 22 Shambhala hosts their annual Sit-A-Thon entitled Sitting for Society, a fundraiser to provide deep support for Northern California Shambhala Centers. Participants will sit from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in an effort to raise $100,000. Sponsors are asked to make donations in support of the participant’s day of sitting meditation.

community-group1“Shambhala is based on trust in human dignity. We offer a path of meditation practice and contemplative arts oriented towards modern life.”

The Shambhala crowdfunding software is a complete registration and donation management system. Their sit-a-thon fundraising event engages individual meditators and teams in collecting and tracking donations. They multiply their fundraising dollars raised as each of their event participants taps into their group of constituents to raise funds for their cause.

Each Sitting for Society participant can easily customize their fundraising page with up to four pictures or videos, personal goal thermometer, a fundraising statement, and comments from donors. Individuals can join a team if they chose; the Berkeley Shamhala team has raised $4666 thus far.

As a community, Shambhala embraces a variety of contemplative arts and practices. These disciplines are inspired by Nalanda, an eleventh-century Indian university that welcomed teachings from many different traditions. Contemplative arts and practices bring beauty, vividness and wisdom to our lives and environment. A contemplative approach can be brought into any of the arts, including design, music, dance, and poetry. Many Shambhala Centers offer arts programs or host special interest groups who meet regularly to explore contemplative approaches to education, business and health care.

A number of great articles, tips and helpful guidelines to help in managing all the details for a walk-a-thon fundraiser are available free online. Many people find it valuable to download the walk-a-thon guide which walks through each step of the planning process in preparation for executing a successful fundraising event. There are also a number of free fundraising templates to download and use for an event including: walk-a-thon pledge forms, participant waivers & instructions, flyer templates, and more.

Accomplish Your Goals Through Nonprofit Crowdfunding

Raising funds, expanding your donor base, and building meaningful relationships with people is on the top of every non-profit’s To Do list. But what’s the best way to reach those goals? There are many different methods, but in recent years nonprofit crowdfunding has become a popular way to accomplish all 3 at once – and much more.


What Is Nonprofit Crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding, as the name suggests, is the act of raising funds for an initiative through a multitude of people. (also refered to as “peer-to-peer fundraising”) This is usually done via the internet, specifically through crowdfunding websites.  Some of these sites, such as Kickstarter, cater to anyone – individuals or groups raising funds for a personal project or goal. For nonprofits, this means utilizing your network of contacts to assist in raising funds on behalf of your organization. This can include: event participants, employees, board members, previous donors, volunteers, etc. There are some crowdfunding websites that cater specifically to non-profits and other charitable causes, like Crowdrise and DoJiggy’s Crowdfunding Software.

While it is a relatively new concept, crowdfunding has been wildly successful for a variety of ventures. It also represents a lucrative opportunity for nonprofit organizations and charities to not only raise funds by reaching more people, but to have more eyes on your message and expand your donor base.

The Benefits of Crowdfunding for Nonprofit Organizations
When nonprofit crowdfunding is used strategically, it can provide a number of benefits for your organization. Raising funds is one of the more obvious benefits, but just a few of the many others can be any of the following:

  • Raise awareness about your organization and your mission
  • Expand your current donor base
  • Increase your engagement and get people talking about your cause
  • Get people excited about the impact they can make with their donation
  • More effective communication via vast more outlets
  • Reach people that your organization may not normally reach

These are just a few of the positive impacts of using crowdfunding in conjunction with your nonprofit fundraising campaign.

Nonprofit Crowdfunding: How to Get Started
Now that we can see all the benefits that crowdfunding can bring, what’s the easiest and most effective way of getting started? The first step is selecting the right platform. Crowdfunding websites are just platforms, so it’s important to research and select the one that works the very best for you and your goals.  Each platform has different pros and cons, and offer different features. However, here are 5 questions to ask yourself when you are selecting a platform:

  1. How does this platform look and feel, and will it be appealing to my donors?
  2. How easy is it to set up and manage the page and campaign?
  3. Will this platform accept donations securely, and will it be easy and simple for people to donate?
  4. Is this platform well-known, and are other non-profits and charities using it successfully?
  5. How much does it cost, are there setup or other fees?will it be easy and simple for people to donate?

These questions will help give you an idea if the platform is right for you. Find a nonprofit crowdfunding solution that works well for your goals and within your budget, and enjoy the many positive rewards that come from crowdfunding for nonprofits!

You may also want to check out our recent infographic on the Value of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for Nonprofits!